PropertyGuys.Com Franchise was founded in 1998 with the idea that the traditional real estate model was broken – and that agents, on the whole, collected large commissions for providing very little value. In the 20+ years since we opened, has become the largest for sale by owner marketing franchise with over 100 units open in North America.

The Future of Real Estate Is Here

What Is A PropertyGuys.Com Franchise?

Join The Brand That’s Bringing Real Estate Into The Future

Founded in 1998, has emerged as the dominant brand for helping homeowners sell their homes on their own. With over 100 locations open across North America, is radically changing the way real estate transactions are done by cutting out the listing agent entirely and putting all the power back into the hands of the homeowner – where it belongs.

PropertyGuys.Com Franchise

“The traditional way homeowners sell their homes is broken,” says Ken Leblanc, CEO and Co-Founder. “Why should an agent get the same commission of a home sale on a $100K home as they do for a $1 million home for providing the same exact service? In every other industry, consumers are getting more control, more information, and more flexibility. By providing a flat rate for a more transparent service, we provide a far better overall experience for the homeowner.”

Our PropertyGuys.Com Franchise Model Is Radically Different

Homeowners are tricked into using real estate agents because we’ve been buying and selling homes in the same way for 100 years. Almost everyone that has bought or sold a home knows how frustrating the process of dealing with agents can be. They limit access to information, they forbid the buyer and seller from communicating directly, and many of the services they do provide can be done by anyone, or better yet, a more specialized expert.

And for this, we pay them a large commission check – talk about having it made.

PropertyGuys franchise owners can do most everything agents do and more. We can take the photos of the property, properties can be advertised on listing services such as Zillow, we can help schedule appointments, connect them with legal expertise, and ensure they have a smooth selling experience.

And we do all of this for a flat rate that home sellers pay upfront. This means that our clients keep more of the money they earn from a sale, and because we’re completely transparent every step of the way, they feel empowered throughout the entire process.

PropertyGuys.Com Franchise

Low Costs + High Margins = A Great Business

Being affordable doesn’t mean that franchise owners aren’t profitable – far from it. Our business model is designed to maximize profitability from day one.

Our business model allows our franchise owners to start up quickly without having to hire employees, rent an office, or other unnecessary overhead expenses. Our call center takes the place of both an office assistant and sales professional, as we not only answer all customer inquiries, but we also convert leads into local sales appointments. The services that our franchise owners provide offer high margins, are easy to implement, and most importantly, are easy for our customers to understand the advantages.

“As a franchisor, we’re solely focused on driving profitability to our franchise owners,” says Jeremy Demont, VP of Operations. “We love watching our franchise owners become successful because it means that can be truly life changing. If our franchise owners are successful, we’re successful – and we never forget that.”

Wide-Open, Exclusive Territories Available

The franchise is rapidly expanding across the United States, where we have wide-open territories available, as well as in Canada, where we’re quickly running out of territory. Our territories are exclusive, which means our franchise owners collaborate rather than compete with each other. If you’re passionate about real estate and are ready to join a truly disruptive brand, franchising with is a wise choice.

Do I Need A Real Estate License

Absolutely not. The majority of our franchise owners don’t have their real estate license either, while some owners choose to get their real estate license to increase their revenue potential.

Instead, what our franchise owners share is an ability to make consultative sales, the ability to explain the value of our services to their customers, the ability to lead a team, and the drive to make a positive difference in their communities.

Whether you’re interested in home flipping, home improvement, have a background in real-estate or are an agent looking for a career change, is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs with a passion for real estate to own a business designed for growth.

“We have so many examples of successful entrepreneurs,” Hernden says. “Now is a great time to invest in a franchise because the opportunity has never been stronger and we have wide-open territory open in the U.S. As we continue to rapidly grow across the U.S., we look forward to welcoming entrepreneurs who share our vision into our franchise family.”

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