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Rockstars of Tomorrow is redefining an industry with an innovative approach to music instruction, recording, and performance by opening our company up to franchising opportunities nationwide. Premium territories are available now. Now you can have a rock n’ roll music school of your very own!

5 Reasons to Own Your Own Rockstars of Tomorrow

  1. You’re the boss. You own a business in the exciting music business where you connect with your community, add value by providing concerts and live music opportunities.
  2. Work in a creative environment that is designed to inspire. Our studios are built to drive traffic in and never leave. Most of your customers can’t believe the beauty of your studio and can’t wait to tell all their friends.
  3. Schools never run out of kids! Your customer base is always growing and will never run out. We live in a time where music is everywhere, interest and exposure are at an all-time high. At any given moment, millions of people are watching, listening to and/or performing in videos, live concerts, radio, streaming music sites, national broadcasts like the Voice and American Idol. The list goes on and on.
  4. Start making money before you open your doors. We have systems in place that allow you to start your services during the build out process allowing you to grow your customer base in most cases before you pay rent.
  5. Covid friendly model allows you to stay open and grow even during a global pandemic.

RockStars Of Tomorrow Franchise


Here you won’t find white walls, fluorescent lights, or music note clip-art decorations. Those things don’t motivate people. Rockstars Of Tomorrow builds unique studios that stimulate your mind and your senses. We craft environments that are conducive to fun and engagement. We create spaces that inspire.

Our instructors are not ordinary, and we like it that way. They’re music professionals who have made an impact with their instrument, their voice, their songs and their ability. They listen to the same music as their students and inspire through experience and skill. More than that, they’re a mega-talented, influential group of professionals, passionate about teaching tomorrow’s rock stars.

We’re a staple in the community by adding value through concerts and exciting events. Your business is always front and center turning everyone around into fans and customers.

We’re different, and we like it that way!


Our system is designed so you can succeed. We’ve customized a strategic marketing plan that drives business to YOUR door and not to your competition. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve designed a music school franchise that wows your customers so much, they never want to leave!

We’ve spent years perfecting a music program that is literally rewriting the way music is being taught, so you don’t have to.

Does it look like a good fit?

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