Scenthound Canine Grooming Franchise

Scenthound is a canine grooming franchise that plans to open 100 franchise units in 2022.  “We did so well in 2020 because grooming is something that every dog needs, and not even a pandemic can stop that. Our wellness-centered approach builds loyal customers who can feel the difference in their happier, healthier dogs.” Tim Vogel, CEO

SCENTHOUND Grooming Franchise Opportunity

At Scenthound, we’re transforming the dog grooming industry with our membership-based business model that drives customer loyalty and results in recurring revenue for our franchise owners.

Our model is designed to provide dog parents with confidence that we’ve got their dog’s routine care and basic grooming covered. Scenthound’s wellness-focused monthly program helps to assure owners that the needs of their fur family are being handled.

Scenthound Franchise

Why SCENTHOUND’s Dog Franchise Model is a Smart Investment Choice

  • MEMBERSHIP-DRIVEN – The Scenthound membership-based business model delivers recurring revenue by cultivating fierce customer loyalty. Dog parents choose a membership option that works for their budget and schedule to maintain their dog’s health and happiness. This customer retention framework provides a platform for profitable growth.
  • FOCUSED ON WELLNESS – A recent survey showed that nearly 90% of pet owners are willing to spend more than $100 a month on their pets and that most of them will pay whatever it takes to ensure their pets are happy and healthy.  As dog lovers, we understand this devotion. Therefore, following each visit, we give every dog parent a six-point evaluation that helps to keep them informed on their dog’s overall health. Our genuine compassion for their pup results in customer loyalty.
  • “SCENTRALLY” LOCATED – Scenthound Scenters are conveniently located in errand-intensive mixed-use retail areas, in close proximity to busy big box stores and restaurants. Our customers appreciate the convenience of being able to run an errand or two and check some chores off their list while their dogs are in our care. Equally, our franchisees benefit from this high-traffic visibility, which results in significant business growth potential.

Scenthound Dog Grooming Franchise

Why Choose Scenthound?

Scenthound is unique in the dog grooming industry focusing on the overall health of the dogs.

Scenthound has unprecedented market potential because it serves an historically underserved market: the 80% of dogs that don’t need stylized haircuts. That said, our services are designed to improve the health and longevity of ALL dogs through a routine care schedule in five core areas of maintenance: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails and Teeth.

The low cost but high profit membership-based recurring revenue model is amplified with “as-needed” add on services—nail grinding, barber-style haircuts, facial scrubs, etc.—& products to maintain health between visits.

  • No other model concentrates on overall dog wellness.
  • Recession proof and Amazon-Resistant.
  • $95B U.S. Pet Industry continues to grow year after year.
  • Can be owner operated or passively run.
  • NO PET EXPERIENCE required.
  • High Profit Potential–Strong Item 19 Earnings Claim.
  • Early-in advantage for territory availability.
  • 25 Units sold since offering franchises last year, 17 in the last three months.
  • Entrepreneur 2020 Franchise of the Future designation.
  • Our community-driven approach creates a strong customer base.
  • The membership-based business model keeps customers coming back, creating recurring revenue.
  • Membership also makes scheduling and rebooking easy.
  • Small staff, protected territory, SBA approved
  • Limited real estate requirements (1,000-1,200 sq feet)
  • Our services are designed for all dogs, not just those that need cuts.
  • It’s scientifically proven that dogs make us happier, healthier people.

With Scenthound, dogs get the routine care that they need, dog parents get a simple program to keep their care schedule on track, and franchisees get to be a part of a blossoming change in the way we all treat and care for our dogs.

We’re Passionate About Pups

Scenthound FranchiseWe started this business because we honestly care about every dog we meet. We know that dogs are happiest when they’re clean and healthy, and we know, from experience in the industry, that dogs don’t always get the basic care they need. We saw an opportunity to change that and we jumped on it.

We are an emerging, ground floor brand though with proof of concept through our 4 company owned units. We also show a strong Item 19 Earnings Claim in our FDD.

Training And Support

Scenthound is a hands-on company, and we’re looking for franchisees who share that spirit. We provide extensive training in one of our Jupiter, Florida, locations, teaching franchisees how to best care for our fluffy customers.

We also provide comprehensive ongoing support on everything from employee training to locating and attending community events. We’re one big pack, after all, and we want each of our franchisees to have the best opportunity to be a positive force in the lives of dogs and their humans.

“I am looking forward to introducing the concept to the community and… helping pet parents create a closer relationship with their dogs. Animals provide such comfort to us, and having a clean and healthy dog is so important.”

Christina M.

Multi-unit franchise owner, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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