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ActionCoach Franchise

Build a scalable, profitable, and impactful business coaching practice or firm. Team up with a world-class community of over 1,000 former CEO’s, executives, and more.

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Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota

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The $11B business coaching industry continues to thrive in the USA and around the world. Our business model is completely recession-proof and COVID-proof.  Just ask some of our franchise partners who had their best years ever in 2020. In a weak economy, businesses need a coach to survive. In a strong economy, businesses need a coach to thrive. Right now is a phenomenal time to transition into the business coaching industry.

Whether you’ve only dreamed of becoming a business coach or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, ActionCOACH has the opportunity to take your career to a whole new level. Interested in “being the coach” and delivering our services yourself? Consider our Practice model. Want to build a scalable, sellable, passive asset with a team of coaches? The Firm model will allow you to do so with protected territory. If you have the passion and heart to change the lives of business owners in your community, request more information today.

ActionCOACH Franchise

For over 20 years, we’ve given growth-minded leaders the tools they need to help business owners make more and work less. In doing this, we’ve built a massive community of coaches who use these tools to make more and work less themselves.” Craig and Annette Hohnberger, Founders of the ActionCOACH GoBig Region

Why Choose ActionCOACH

  • Recession resistant and COVID-proof business model.
  • Huge ROI and scalability compared to other business coaching firms.
  • Top 10 franchise in all industries based on franchise owner satisfaction rates.
  • Little or no travel required and control over your own schedule
  • Work directly with business owners and community leaders, guaranteeing them results.
  • Join a community of coaches who actively live out our points of culture.

ActionCOACH Franchise

Is Becoming an ActionCOACH the Right Fit For Me?

We won’t move forward unless our business model makes perfect sense for both of us. Before making a final decision, we’ll go through a thorough due diligence process to ensure we can answer “yes” to the following four critical questions:

  1. Are you passionate about what we do and the impact you will have?
  2. Will our model help you achieve your financial lifestyle, and legacy goals?
  3. Do you have the key traits to succeed?
  4. Are you the right person to build our future with?

“If you want to make the world a better place and have super powerful tools and an unbelievable community who actually cares about you being successful, then this is an amazing business.” Mike McKay, Wisconsin

ActionCOACH Training & Support

Unlike many other franchise training programs, you receive pre-training, an intensive 10-day training program, and post-training with your Master Licensees. This is only the beginning. You’ll then step into a continual learning and local support program, and you‘ll be provided with all the tools, knowledge, and resources to have a dramatic impact on your business from day one.

By the time you start coaching your clients, you’ll be a master of the most powerful business secrets available. And, you’ll know the keys to multiplying business profits and generating wealth. You’ll be fully equipped to achieve sensational results that will amaze your clients.

“Since acquiring the ActionCOACH franchise, we have grown so much personally. We are building our own personal wealth, and I work when I want to work, and I travel when I want to travel.”

Heather Yakes


“ActionCOACH was the best fit from a culture standpoint and also a results standpoint. We offer a guarantee for our clients… that gave me assurance that this was the right decision for me.”

Tim Campsall


“I make more money than I ever have. I get to choose the hours I work. I get to choose the clients I work with. And I have a great community and team.”

Peg Buehrie


“ActionCOACH teaches me the strategies and systems that I wish I had as a CEO. Starting my own coaching business has changed my life! I wish I had done it sooner.”

Susan Thomson


Does it look like a good fit?

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