E-Commerce Gold

E-Commerce Gold Business Venture

Are you tired of watching people others make tens of thousands of dollars and more on Amazon?

Don’t miss your boat to float down the Amazon River of GOLD!

E-Commerce Gold Online Store Opportunity

E-Commerce Gold offers an all-in-one, turn-key, fully automated, online store business venture. Our platform allows you to harness the power of Amazon/Walmart and the internet while creating passive, ancillary, residual income.

There are e-commerce offers out there, but none backed by the level of marketing, sales and business acumen that E-Commerce Gold provides. Our 75+ years of combined marketing, operations, research, data, analytics, logistics, supply chain management, and customer service experience are more than enough reasons to make E-Commerce Gold a unique offer in the market.

E-Commerce Gold Online Store Business

Welcome to E-Commerce Gold

The STANDARD for Online Store Business Ventures. Go with the GOLD!

Every minute that passes Amazon sells approximately 4,000 products and generates around $283,000 from those sales. 50% of all sales on Amazon come from third party sellers.

Third party sellers are individuals just like you who have their own store on

Creating and managing an Amazon store can be a daunting task, not to mention a very time-consuming one.

Why E-Commerce Gold?

  • Passive Income
  • High monthly revenue
  • High monthly net profit

The E-Commerce Gold Difference

  • What products will you choose?
  • What makes a product description compelling?
  • What happens if buyer needs help?
  • How will you handle shipping?
  • What about returns? What is your plan for those?

E-Commerce Gold takes care of all the above for you. Our Business Offer allows you to get started with an Amazon store without having to learn everything about e-commerce, Amazon, or online sales customer service.

The E-Commerce Gold is not a franchise opportunity.

Franchises generate a vast array of undesirable start-up expenses: rent, build out, legal fees, signage, supplies, etc. E-Commerce Gold does not carry any of these costs. Once you’ve paid the Consulting Fee all you have left to do is the funding of your inventory.

E-Commerce Gold Manages Everything!

Our team will setup your store, identify trending products with the best chance of producing a quick turn-around/profit, and fully manage the inventory including: product listing, sales, customer service, analytics, and more.

It takes a few weeks for your inventory to be ready and our team to properly optimize your account. You should start seeing a return after 12 weeks.

Business Case

Now that you know what we do, let’s take a look at a concrete example. This shows an initial inventory of about $100K. You choose the initial inventory volume that matches your profile. Stores can be successful with an initial inventory of as low as $10K.

  • Store established January 2019
  • Initial inventory ~$100K
  • On-going reallocation of profits (~10% per month)
  • Over $1.5M gross sales in the first year
  • $2.8M gross sales in 2020
  • Currently averaging $250K gross sales per month
  • Generating passive income of $35K net profit per month
E-Commerce Gold Franchise

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