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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color Franchise

Fantastic Sams is a name you can trust and a business you can believe in.  As an established presence and trusted brand, Fantastic Sams Cut & Color is the affordable full-service salon experience that customers are always looking for. The reason is simple: As a Fantastic Sams Cut & Color franchise owner, you’re delivering a premium salon experience at a price they can afford.

As a Fantastic Sams Cut & Color® Franchise Owner…

You are positioning yourself as a player in the $75-billion-a-year salon industry.  You are also stacking the deck in your favor: Fantastic Sams Cut & Color is the oldest full-service salon franchise in the nation and we’ve grown to 700+ locations over the last 40 years.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color Franchise

Why Franchise with Fantastic Sams Cut & Color?

  • Over 700 locations nationwide and growing
  • A franchise operating platform refined over 40 years of continuous operation
  • Full salon services for women, men, children and seniors
  • Part of the Dessange Group, a global leader in salon operations
  • World-class support in all aspects of salon start-up and operation: Real estate, training, marketing, operations, recruiting, business management—among many others
  • No salon operating experience required

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color is a social distancing friendly brand & we adhere to all official guidelines.

“During the pandemic, we had weekly calls keeping each other in the loop on new developments, questions and even answers that we may have come across during the week. We developed an action plan of how we would handle reopening and safety, sharing our concerns for ourselves, our staff and our guests. We came to mutual decisions together, where everyone’s voice was heard and everyone’s opinions did matter. I often contact my region for supplies and they are always able to provide me with my many needs. And I am so grateful for that.” Jennifer Super, franchise owner
Fantastic Sams Franchise


  • Full Service for men, women and children
  • Simple operation that fits in with today’s busy lifestyle
  • A full menu of services that includes high-margin color and perms that set us apart from the competition

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color FranchiseAccess the vast revenue potential of this large customer base with the Fantastic Sams Cut & Color Franchise model.

The Fantastic Sams Cut & Color Support System Offers: 

  • Step by step salon opening, management and growth support
  • Highly defined business operating system for every growth stage and every business aspect
  • Operations and Field Team with deep, real-world salon ownership and management experience
  • Large network of successful franchisees from which to network and learn
  • National and regional franchisee events and franchisee steering groups


  • Minimal inventory and ease of operation
  • Simple real estate and buildout
  • Reasonable operating hours
  • Can’t be outsourced, replaced by technology or require “delivery”

The brand recognition of Fantastic Sams Cut & Color is so critical in these unprecedented times for all businesses, but especially ours. Customers look to the leaders to protect their safety and have confidence because we are an established and nationally known brand. They are also confident in the technical skills of our stylists, whether they are first time or existing clients.

Lynda Turow

As a couple who had spent the last 20+ years serving in the US Air Force, we felt we needed to have local and face to face support as we transitioned to new careers.
The support we have received from Fantastic Sams Cut & Color has been exceptional. There has not been a time during our venture that we have not been able to get immediate attention or answers when faced with challenges. Fantastic Sams Cut & Color goes above and beyond to ensure we have all that we need to be successful.


Fantastic Sams Cut & Color is a family. Fantastic Sams Cut & Color is a place where the sky is the limit.

Jennifer Super

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