KeyGlee Franchise

KeyGlee’s business model revolves around wholesale real estate investing, which means franchisees find distressed properties, get them under contract, and sell them to buyers. In addition, KeyGlee claims to have taken wholesaling to a whole new level, providing owners with a built-in network of already committed sellers (acquisition) and buyers (disposition).

KeyGlee Franchise Overview

KeyGlee, one of the nation’s largest real estate investment property wholesalers and fastest-growing real estate franchises, is on a mission to revolutionize the wholesale real estate industry—one deal at a time.

KeyGlee was created in 2019 in Arizona by Josiah Grimes, a successful entrepreneur; Hunter Runyon, a successful real estate investor; and Jamil Damji, star of A&E’s “Triple Digit Flip” and a major wholesale real estate investor. With in-depth knowledge of the industry, the idea was to “revolutionize wholesaling by creating a God-fearing industry that pursues business relationships built on integrity—creating an uplifting workplace where all team members can grow and succeed by accomplishing personal and business goals.”

The KeyGlee brand has already expanded to 132 franchises across the country, and was recently ranked No. 310 on the 2023 Franchise 500, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

KeyGlee Franchise

Why KeyGlee?

At its core, KeyGlee is a tight-knit family. Along with being one of the leading real estate investment providers in the country, our primary goal is to simplify and cultivate a welcoming experience for seasoned investors and newcomers alike. No matter your individual investment objectives, our team is dedicated to supporting you in making informed choices. With over five decades of combined expertise, a history of thousands of successful transactions, and countless contented customers, you can trust KeyGlee to have your back.

  • Investment – When you own a franchise with us, you invest in something special. You automatically become part of our growing family! We are fully invested in doing everything to help you succeed in your market.
  • Education – KeyGlee provides our Franchisees with extensive training and knowledge of the wholesale real estate industry. Franchisees go through an onboarding process to learn the ins and outs of how we do business and how we will continue to be there for them as they grow.
  • Teamwork – Franchisees become part of our nationwide network of knowledge and resources. We all work together on a daily basis to grow and learn from one another. You’re part of the family now!
  • Bring Your Ideas – We are always listening to our Franchisee’s ideas and learning from them. We cultivate an environment where expressing ideas is encouraged. Even though we have been in the wholesale real estate game for a while, we are always open to new ideas.

KeyGlee Franchise


“You never have to spend a penny on marketing. Because again, our corporate office will feed the buyers and suppliers directly to you. So where do we get the buyers and suppliers from? We have a dedicated team of experts in our corporate office whose entire purpose is to generate and cultivate those relationships. Then they pass them right along to you. Exciting, right? We hope you’ll join the KeyGlee family. When you own a franchise with us, you’re investing in something special.”

 KeyGlee’s business model includes:

  • B2B focus
  • Acquisition and disposition network
  • Supplier and buyer leads provided
  • Protected markets
  • Systems and processes in place
  • Ongoing training and support


KeyGlee provides ‘best in class’ training on their proven model. Experts are always there to support new franchise owners:

  • 30 hours of in-person and online training before launch
  • Comping & estimating property prices
  • Learn to make outbound calls, with ease
  • Integrated software suite, including a CRM
  • Up to 48 hours of In-person launch training
  • Immersion weeks, with our specialists
  • Weekly one-on-one review & training
  • Software suite training
  • Monthly owners’ calls & networking events

If you’re already crushing it, already doing deals, already cashing assignment checks, it’s time to scale. “In order to do that,” Kevin Oswalt, president of KeyGlee franchising, says, “you gotta franchise. But you don’t just wanna franchise with anybody. You wanna franchise with a team, with a company, with a family that already has a lasting impact on residential real estate investment. So you can make an impact on other people and on yourself. There’s four deliverables that KeyGlee brings to the table.”

Why Did We Franchise KeyGlee?
How KeyGlee Franchises Can Help You

“I’d been in real estate for 23 years before starting wholesaling in 2017. But I was still doing all the work myself… finding sellers, creating relationships with buyers and title companies. I needed a system! Then I joined KeyGlee in January, 2021, and all that changed. KeyGlee’s made it much easier to scale, and I have so many other people supporting me now.”

Phyllis Rodriguez


“There’s a community that’s been built around KeyGlee Franchise, like AstroFlipping. You, literally, walk in and people are throwing deals at you, left and right. That’s something totally unique!”

Alex Balizado, GM for 18 different KeyGlee franchise territories.

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