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A Master Franchise with Anago Cleaning Systems is a high revenue opportunity with exclusive territories. Master franchising makes more millionaires than any other model.

  • The average annual sales for top quartile Anago Master Franchise Owners is over $5.6m.*
  • The average annual sales for an Anago Master Franchise Owner is over $2.5m.*
  • The average investment level for our Master Franchise Owners is around $250k.

What is an Anago Cleaning System Master Franchise?

Anago Master Franchise Owners are business executives who purchase an exclusive territory, secure cleaning contracts and then sell Unit Franchises to individuals looking to buy a commercial cleaning business.

Our Master Franchise Model is broken down into a daytime/nighttime structure. Master Franchise Owners handle the operational or ‘daytime’ aspects of the cleaning business for your Unit Franchisees — like sales, marketing, operations, invoicing, etc. This allows your Unit Franchisees to handle the cleaning side of their business, which is mostly done at night.

As an Anago Master Franchise Owner, you are not in the cleaning business. You are a Master Franchise Owner in the business of operations, sales, and marketing.

Features of Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise:

1. The Industry: The commercial cleaning industry generates $100 billion annually in the U.S.!

2. Increasing and Persistent Demand: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics it is one of the fastest growing industries with almost 90 billion square feet of commercial floor space in the U.S. alone.

3. Multiple Revenue Streams: Our Master Franchise Owners enjoy 12 primary revenue streams, including; franchise sales, recurring royalties, administration fees, additional recurring contracts, supply and equipment revenues.

4. Proven Franchise Model: Anago Cleaning Systems was founded almost 30 years ago with a history of steady growth. Top quartile of Master Franchise Owners generate an average sales of $5.6m!*

5. Scalability and Growth: Anago’s Master Franchise Owners aren’t cleaners; they are executives looking to build an empire in their territory. They will never run out of franchises to sell or buildings for their Unit Franchisees to clean.

6. Freedom and Flexibility: Many of our Master Franchise Owners have come from Senior Corporate roles that demanded their attention 24/7. With our day/night business model, our Master Owners get back to enjoying their nights with their families while growing their business empire.


  • 2017 Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500 Franchises, ranked #39 overall
  • 11-year winner of the Franchise Satisfaction Awards by Franchise Business Review
  • 2017 Top 100 Global Franchises by Franchise Direct
  • 2018 Entrepreneur Magazine, ranked #31 fastest growing
  • #1 Janitorial Franchise in the U.S. by in 2018
  • Top 50 Franchises for Minorities

Who makes a GREAT Anago Master Franchise Owner?

The ideal Anago Master Franchise Owner is a business executive with a strong sales and marketing background who is looking to build an empire in a major metro area. Our Master Franchise Owners are former CEO’s, VP’s, and Senior Executives from a wide variety of industries. They are self-driven, motivated individuals that meet our financial requirements:

  • An achiever with an empire builder mentality
  • The ability to recruit and mentor motivated franchise business owners and salespeople.
  • White collar business executives
  • Mid to senior level executives (our current owners include former CEO’s, VP’s and Senior Executives)
  • Strong sales and marketing background

If this sounds like you, we’d love to speak with you and determine if you might be an ideal Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owner!

Requirements for Qualification
Anago Master Franchise is currently not accepting lead inquiries from HI, MD, MA, ND, SD, WA.

Be The CEO of Your Own Franchising Company with Anago Cleaning Systems

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