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Bumble Roofing Franchise

Bumble Roofing was founded in 2019 to bring transparency to the roofing industry concerning pricing, installation, and process. Our founders sought to share their expertise in construction and roofing to develop a strong franchise opportunity so others could bring our unique approach to their communities.

Bumble Roofing Franchise

Bumble Roofing brings quality and affordable roofing to our customers through a simple process. When you invest in a roofing franchise opportunity with us, you’ll join us on our journey to change how the roofing industry is perceived.

With our over 60 combined years in the construction industry, you can count on us to share our knowledge and experience to help you build a business you can bee proud of. Our franchise opportunity features low start-up costs and overhead, in turn offering high profit and ROI potential for franchisees so it won’t take long to earn back what you put in.

Bumble Bee Roofing Franchise


One question we hear a lot at Bumble Roofing is: “Is the roofing business profitable?” With a $4.1M*** Average Unit Volume (AUV), it’s hard to argue with those results.

At Bumble, we’re invested in the success of our franchisees. Investing with us is an investment in your future, where you can revel in freedom and flexibility, knowing you have virtually everything you need to start and operate your business. We provide our franchisees with a myriad of industry-leading advantages to set them on the path to success and help them see a return on their investment.

Bumble Bee Roofing Franchise


Owning a roofing franchise with Bumble Roofing is a great way to ditch the 9-to-5 corporate grind and become your own boss. We’ll take you under our wings and set you up with the best resources and tools in the industry, along with our brand awareness and reputation as a quality roofing company, so your business can become your area’s best-choice roofing franchise.

The best part? Everything is included as part of our turnkey investment opportunity. Our proven business model is designed to keep costs low with every expense considered, so there are never any surprises. We’ve made the purchasing and installation process as simple as possible to provide clients with the quality roofing they need at an affordable price.

We’re a great fit for all types of candidates interested in starting a roofing business, and we welcome franchisees from all backgrounds to apply. There’s no experience required because we’ve done the legwork for you.

As part of the Empower Brands™ family, we’re positioned to provide our franchisees with industry-leading tools and resources so you can be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. With our path to business ownership, you’ll have our dedicated ongoing support every step of the way through in-depth training, licensing, permitting, inspections, and more.

  • You’ll deliver quality roofing – Our proven business model provides clear directions to help you achieve effective operations and offer outstanding customer service. We’ll help you and your team of dedicated professionals maintain our commitment to quality roofing.
  • You’ll provide a simple process – We’ve simplified our purchasing and installation process for franchisees and clients alike. You’ll turn around site assessments and quotes in 72 hours or less while providing clients with around-the-clock customer care and a three-day, money-back guarantee.
  • You’ll have our expertise to guide you -From our innovative sales process to our in-depth training program and dedicated ongoing support, you’ll have our combined 60 years of experience at every turn. We’ll teach you our best sales techniques and simple approach so you can become an expert in all areas of your business, gain more clients, and expand your customer base.Plus, you can count on our franchisee support whenever you have a question or need assistance. In addition to our team, you’ll have a regional supervisor and franchisee network available as other support avenues.
  • You’ll gain access to cutting edge technology – We’re invested in our franchisees, so you’ll have our operations manuals, proprietary software, cutting-edge technology, and other resources at your fingertips. With our satellite imagery technology, you’ll easily measure the size, slopes, and other property attributes to quickly generate an accurate quote for your clients.
  • You’ll benefit from lower costs – We’ve accounted for every expense as part of our affordable investment opportunity, so you’ll never pay for anything you don’t need. Thanks to our strong purchasing power, you’ll enjoy cost savings on supplies and materials you can pass on to your clients.
  • You’ll fulfill all your clients’ roofing needs with a wide range of services – You’ll offer your clients several different services they can choose from, making you a reliable, essential business in your community. You’ll enjoy recurring revenue from multiple sources, including maintenance services, additional repair, gutter, and solar installation services, and insurance or storm remediation services.

Want to see how you can create a buzz in your community with Bumble Roofing? Complete the contact info form today to learn more about our roofing franchise opportunity!

***The AUV of all franchised units in operation for the calendar year ending December 31, 2022. AUV includes amounts derived from all Roofing Services sold from or through the Affiliate Unit, but does not include any revenue from other projects including solar panel installation, taxes, or client refunds. The revenue less disclosed expenses is $403K, calculated by subtracting the total disclosed expenses and the Cost of Materials and the Cost of Labor from Revenue.

David Bitan, Founder of Bumble Roofing talks about his experiences.

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