Byrider Franchise

Byrider is the leading used car and finance franchise of our kind in the United States, with over 150 locations all across the nation. Our satisfied customers prove we’re the way to go for an easy approval process and reliable vehicles. As a franchisee, you’ll provide a necessary service to your community while yielding a high return on investment.

Byrider Franchise

Byrider is the nation’s leading used car dealership and finance enterprise. Our company integrates vehicle sales, service and financing to give the franchisee the greatest control over their used vehicle business as well as the ability to sell to the customers they feel are qualified. It is the only small business franchise opportunity in America that also allows you to function as a bank or lender.

Using the Byrider franchising model, the automobile retailer is no longer reliant upon a lender to make the sale. You will be wearing both hats, retailer and lender, giving you an unprecedented amount of control over each automobile sale. Being both retailer and lender offers a remarkable business model which will yield a high return on your investment. And when you franchise with us, making sure you see the fruits of your labor is incredibly important to us.

Byrider Franchise


As the nation’s leading used car and finance franchise, serving more than 1.2 million customers, you can be confident in your investment. With our time-tested business model, Byrider offers you flexibility and opportunities for growth in an ever-expanding industry.

One of the most exciting aspects of our car business opportunities is that they’re flexible. Some of our franchisees choose to take an active role in the day-to-day management of their dealership, while others act as absentee owners. And as you gain experience, you may even choose to operate multiple franchises, dividing your time between each. Whatever type of owner you aspire to be, Byrider has the car business opportunities and support to match your goals.

  • Training – With an array of in-person, onsite, and online training, we make sure you are properly equipped with all the tools you need to start your business and get a high return on your investment – both before and after opening day of your Byrider.
  • Technology – Harness the buying power of an entire dealership network. Byrider franchisees benefit from our continual investment in technology upgrades. We even have an established proprietary sales CRM to ensure you are backed with verified and centralized information. Our IT support is readily available so you can focus on the business.
  • Support – You’re not in this alone. When you sign with Byrider, you are connected to a personal Franchise Consultant. These experts all have Byrider in-store experience and will help you every step of the way to opening and operating your Byrider dealership. You’ll have all the tools and support you’ll need for success.
  • Flexibility – Take an active role in the day-to-day management of your dealership, or manage the business from afar. As you gain experience, you may even choose to operate multiple franchises, dividing your time between each. Byrider has the support to match your goals.
  • Brand Advantage – We want to help you bring the right relationship and service to families in your area without spending additional funds creating original materials for your market. The Byrider Advertising Group, Inc. has produced a complete library of materials that simultaneously promote the brand and drive traffic to your dealership.
  • Networking Opportunities – We’ve worked with franchisees from a wide range of backgrounds, many of whom had never before held a position in the auto industry. With numerous Byrider Franchise conventions throughout the year, we want to make sure you are learning just as much from your fellow franchisees as from us.

We are the only Buy Here Pay Here Franchise Automotive Business Opportunity in America!

Ideal Franchisee Candidate

Byrider actively seeks qualified franchisees from a wide variety of backgrounds. Your ability to manage a team, hold them accountable, and keep them focused on the fundamentals of the used car business is the greatest indicator of a franchise candidate’s potential success. Our expert staff will provide the training you need in the technical aspects of your used car franchise, as well as how to effectively use our company’s tremendous software model. We make sure you have all the tools you need for success and are with you every step of the way.

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