Cousins Maine Lobster

Cousins Maine Lobster Franchise

We’re Bringing Cousins Maine Lobster to Your Neighborhood

Cousins Maine Lobster, as seen on Shark Tank, is the nationally recognized leader in providing award winning authentic Maine lobster rolls and other seafood delicacies, specializing in serving 100% premium, wild-caught Lobster from Maine, coupled with a signature down east Maine hospitality. They help bring the Maine Lobster shack vibe to your neighborhood by offering both brick & mortar storefront and food truck franchise opportunities.

Cousins Maine Lobster Franchise

Cousins Maine Lobster Opportunity

Cousins Maine Lobster is unique in both product offerings and delivery and believe you will agree that it is a timely concept for today’s consumer. Cousins Maine Lobster franchise represents a low start-up cost, low overhead business opportunity in mobile food service that will give franchisees the greatest ability to maximize profits compared to other fast casual food opportunities. A major benefit of a franchised business is having the franchiser’s expertise and experience to draw on, which drastically reduces franchisees’ cost to starting their own business. Cousins Maine Lobster has assembled a comprehensive training program and operations manual to do just that and believes their business model will be as successful and rewarding for each franchisee and their family as it has been for them.

  • Cousins Lobster FranchiseNationally and International recognized brand
  • Award winning recipes
  • Unique market appeal
  • Offering both Restaurant or Food Truck Franchise Opportunities
  • Fast cook and serve times
  • Low cost of entry
  • Highest Quality Authentic Product — 100% premium, wild-caught, sustainably harvested, lobster from Maine.
  • Unique Market Appeal — Cousins Maine Lobster appeals to both traditionalists and non-traditionalists, given their Maine background and LA Food Truck origins
  • Soon to be Internationally recognized brand
  • Gluten-free & healthy options available
  • Catering Services via In-house or Food Truck

Benefits of owning a Cousins Maine Lobster Franchise:

  • Quality– Cousins Maine Lobster offers the highest quality 100% fresh Maine lobster. (That’s their pedigree.) Using only the freshest seafood, making all their own special gourmet sauces, dressings, and more- all of it is prepared on-site daily so everyone can see the quality displayed right in front of them!
  • Value. Generous portions are served at a fair price, making it easy to see why Cousins Maine Lobster food truck lines are longer than anyone else around.
    Service. Just visit a Cousins Maine Lobster food truck for an example of the friendly “make it personal” approach.
  • Experience. Cousins Maine Lobster knows their business, the market and how to excel. That’s how they separate themselves from other food truck competition- and they teach each franchisee how they can excel too.
  • Support. Franchisees are taught in detail everything they need to know to start and run their food truck business. Cousins Maine Lobster is there with them before, during and after each new owner is open for business. This means avoiding expensive start-up mistakes.
  • Advertising. Cousins Maine Lobster has significant market exposure that will help franchisee business too. Through substantial public relations campaigns (like their exposure through ABC’s nationally broadcast Shark Tank) and well-tested advertising that offer a huge advantage in a competitive market.
  • Site Selection. Franchisees will need to do their due diligence with Cousins Maine Lobster direction to know their desired mobile food service market and applicable laws and regulations. Once awarded a franchise, Cousins Maine Lobster will assist with everything needed to get open quickly.

Ideal Franchise Candidate

  • Cousins Maine Lobster is seeking passionate, hardworking, goal-oriented people who are both knowledgeable and qualified, with an innate desire to learn and have some fun!
  • No extensive food industry experience is required- just the willingness to learn and follow a system.
  • People who can demonstrate an ability to grow a business or those that have professional management experience.
  • Must make exceptional customer service a priority.
  • Candidates must be driven professionals who can follow and implement our unique sales and marketing system.


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