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Delta Life Fitness FranchiseSince 2012, we’ve been leading the way in women’s-only fitness thanks to our proven technique, high-energy atmosphere, and passionate franchise base. There is so much in store for Delta Life Fitness as more women discover and share the benefits of the technique. This is only the beginning.

Delta Life Fitness is the only boutique fitness franchise that serves women, conducts 30 min “Tone and Torch” workouts and provides childcare to its patrons. We are also listed on the SBA Franchise Registry and have SBA loans available for qualified candidates. Making our $75,000 liquid requirement extremely low compared to the competition. We know who we serve and we serve our ladies extremely well!


Delta Life Fitness is a women’s group fitness franchise with 30 minute classes and onsite childcare. The workouts are broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. By incorporating the science of the female metabolism, Delta Life’s training is specifically designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Led by skilled trainers, participants use a variety of equipment including TRX suspension training, free weights, and battle ropes, burning more calories in half the time. The results are more energy, visible toning, weight loss and extra calorie burn post-workout.

Women throughout the United States are seeing the changes, both physically and mentally. As Delta Life Fitness grows, we continue to look for franchisees to assist with our expansion.

Delta Life Fitness Franchise


We know how we stand apart in the fitness industry, we know who we serve, and we serve her well.
• Unique Concept – Built for women, 30 minute classes and child care
• Low Overhead
• Low Fixed Expenses
• Low Staffing Requirements
• High Margins
• Small Studio Size: 2000-3000 square feet
• Get involved in a positive, life-changing industry designed specifically for women

Delta Life Fitness Franchise


Delta Life Fitness is looking to partner with individuals who value an active lifestyle and are motivated by an opportunity to run their own business.

Ideal candidates should have a love for fitness and a background in business or management. Each individual should qualify financially.

We are looking for candidates that meet the following financial benchmarks:

• $75k+ liquid assets
• $150k+ net worth
• 620+ credit score

The ideal candidate has the following skill sets:

• Management skills
• Membership model experience
• Sales and networking background

“After much thought and research into different franchises, my husband and I decided that Delta Life Fitness was the franchise for us. Throughout the last several months I have been reassured in this decision time and time again. The Headquarters Staff for Delta Life Franchising has been so supportive and accessible for any questions I may have. I am also very thankful for all of the “done for you” items that are perks of this great franchise. I am able to focus more time and energy into growing my business because I do not have to create a marketing plan from scratch or develop a sales strategy from the ground up. The items that are already structured for me as a franchisee are endless. From the paint colors on the wall to the suggested employee schedules and most everything in between has been drawn out so I am able to decide what will work best for my studio. The support that I have received from the great people at Delta Life Franchising goes above and beyond what I expected and I am proud to be a part of this great team.”

Courtney Segal

Delta Life Fitness Franchise Owner

“If you would have told me a year ago that we would be operating a successful fitness business in Oregon 100% remotely, I wouldn’t have believed you. But that’s precisely what we’ve been able to accomplish as a Delta Life Fitness franchise. Before Delta Life, my husband and I had been working on opening up a fitness business that was flexible with our current careers, but there were just so many obstacles – high rent, not enough space, plus we had no experience running a brick-and-mortar business much less make one successful. On top of that, both my husband and I are full-time active duty military so we’d have to rely on hiring and managing a staff from afar. Enter Delta Life – their turn-key business model is easy to follow, the support provided before, during and after opening is top notch, and we are less than a year in and growing rapidly! This was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, and couldn’t be more proud to be a Delta Life franchisee.”

Melissa and Jim Mocello

Delta Life Fitness Franchise Owner, Central Point, Oregon

“Before Delta Life Fitness, I thought I’d continue to be an underpaid and overworked trainer but I now have more financial freedom and quality time with my family than ever before. I am building a successful business that gives me the life I want while also helping change women’s lives for the better.”

Krista Fudge, Stafford, Texas

Delta Life Fitness Franchise Owner

“Before Delta Life Fitness, I worked as a volleyball coach bouncing around from gym to gym trying to make a living doing what I love but that lifestyle didn’t align my family’s long-term goals. When the Delta Life opportunity presented itself, it seemed like a perfect fit. Today, I run a successful business in an industry I am passionate about, helping women on a daily basis be the very best version of themselves.”

Chelsea Kroll, Jacksonville, Florida

DLF Franchise Owner

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