Elite Window Cleaning

Elite Window Cleaning Franchise

Outdoor Home Services and home-based franchises are very popular. Repeat revenue and multiple revenue streams will give you the best chance for rapid growth.

Through its simplified online booking tool, flat-rate pricing and streamlined technology, the franchise is making window washing a luxury no more.

Elite Window Cleaning Franchise


Elite provides a mobile, home-based business with a low cost of entry and limited overhead. Our simple and robust business model features repeat revenue opportunities and high customer retention potential. Our services include interior and exterior window cleaning, screen cleaning, window track steaming, gutter cleaning, house washing (soft wash) and high-pressure power washing, allowing our franchisees to grow relationships and revenue within their existing customer base. The Elite franchise model appeals to everyone from people who dream of opening their own businesses to experienced business owners. 

“We are attracting customers in a way that no one in our space does,” Chris Stoness, founder and CEO at Elite Window Cleaning added. “We do flat rate pricing, which allows people to shop 24/7 through our online booking system. This is something that is very unusual in the home services space — especially for window cleaning.”

Elite Window Cleaning Franchise


At Elite Window Cleaning we’ve created a franchise system which gives our Franchise Owners the tools to build the financial future they want, all while enjoying a predictable and flexible schedule. Our owners have the opportunity to operate in the Spring through Fall, and take the winters off…or they can place focus on commercial and store front accounts and operate their business all year long. 

Our founders leveraged decades of experience as window cleaners and business leaders to bring you the safest and most advanced window cleaning system on the planet, backed by an industry leading support network and call center. We proudly close over 85% of incoming calls. 

  • Streamlined and simple operations
  • Best in class technology and systems
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Low overhead
  • In-house sales center
  • Repeat customer revenue
  • Lifestyle flexibility

Elite Window Cleaning Franchise

Your Fast-Track Opportunity

We’ve lowered the barriers of entry to the market, which means Franchise Owners get to grow a highly profitable and scalable business in a 35-week working year, or they can take their business to the next level by focusing on commercial accounts and operate all year long. 

It’s a low investment and high margin industry with a repeat client base (Spring and Fall) as well as Year-over-Year. Previous to the Elite system, the price to clean the windows on your home was higher than most were willing to pay for the service. Now, with our technological advantage, and a transparent, flat rate pricing model, we are able to service a thousands of people who were simply priced out of the market previously. We get through the door with our competitive exterior window cleaning price then we wow clients with amazing customer service, keeping our residential customers coming back year after year after year. 

Back Office Support

The backbone of our industry-leading window cleaning system is a support network we call the Back Office Support System, or BOSS. The back office is a corporate-run facility that handles incoming calls, quoting, sales, customer scheduling and reminders, as well as providing in-house marketing & national brand awareness.  

We think of the Back Office Support System as the connective tissue of the business, ensuring seamless communication between owners, their teams, their customers, and the corporate office. We created the BOSS to give our Franchise Owners and their local teams the ability to focus on growing the business and building client relationships, all without missing a beat on successful behind-the-scenes elements. 

Business Launch Training

Our team uses our experience to coach you through launching your business, hiring your team, training you and your team, using our CRM (customer relationship management) platform, handling marketing expenses, and logistical operations. 

We have full time coaches dedicated to Franchise support and success. If we choose to award you as a Franchise Owner, you will have the full commitment of our entire team. 


Own a franchise with an innovative frame of mind. Elite Window Cleaning has revolutionized the window cleaning industry in North America. We have literally changed the way windows are cleaned.

We offer our franchisees a competitive advantage with higher margins, less liability, and increased efficiency.

How? By providing a template for a safer and more durable process, dedication to innovative technology, and more efficient, streamlined operations.

What We Do

“There are many things that appeal to me about the business model, it really felt like a perfect fit for the type of person I am. I want to work hard, make money, travel, give back to my community. I wanted to do this an Elite way, working for myself.”

Adam Stroud

Elite Window Cleaning Franchise Owner, Ottawa, Ontario

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