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FocusCFO provides CFO Services on a fractional basis. Join the most experienced network of financial executives in the country, and guide entrepreneurs on their journey.

FocusCFO Franchise Cost & Ownership Details 2024

Become a Fractional CFO or Area President

Are you a successful business leader who is looking for something more?  Does freedom from the corporate world, control over your schedule, or work-life balance appeal to you? If you are someone who is seeking a non-traditional next chapter, FocusCFO may be the exact opportunity you are looking for.

FocusCFO Franchise

About FocusCFO

Join Our Team of Sherpas

The secret to success in business (and in life) is surrounding yourself with good people. At FocusCFO, we have built a large and growing network of seasoned financial and business professionals across the country committed to guiding owners and entrepreneurs on their path to success. Due to strong growth, we are actively seeking additional team members – CFOs and Area Presidents – across the country, both in existing markets and expanding into new regions.

What is a Sherpa Team?

CFOs and Area Presidents work closely with one another, as a ‘Sherpa Team’, guiding clients on the path to success. Area Presidents work as business development leaders, with a passion for networking and building community. They also serve as strategic relationship managers who match the right CFO with each client. CFOs are the primary service delivery and relationship professional, ‘on-the-ground’ with clients each week, embedded into their leadership teams,  guiding them on the climb to value.

FocusCFO Franchise

The roles at FocusCFO – make an impact, on your time 

At FocusCFO, we give seasoned financial executives, business owners, and business leaders who are seeking their next chapter the opportunity to make a profound impact on small & mid-sized businesses climbing the mountain of success. They need strategies, guidance and support – that’s why they need you.

Our 130+ team members all share these attributes:

  • Love what we do – are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and can relate to them.
  • Firmly believe in and embody our core values.
  • Have a local network and a story to tell – credibility within their local market.

FocusCFO Franchise

Fractional CFOs

Are you ready to chart the next chapter in your professional life? Have you reached a point in your career where you’ve achieved success and want more? If you’re a strategic finance professional with the ability to step into a company and immediately start guiding its financial journey, a position as a fractional CFO can benefit your career.

Successful CFO candidates tend to fit the following profile:

  • Passion to work alongside entrepreneurs and their teams.  To make a real difference by rolling up your sleeves, sharing experience and expertise.
  • 20+ years of financial and operational experience, with a significant amount at the CFO level.
  • Strong business acumen with extensive experience in strategic planning and operations.
  • Track record of excellence, achievement and entrepreneurial drive.
  • Relish the role of a Sherpa. Not only guiding, but climbing alongside clients as they reach for their goals, as an embedded (fractional) member of their leadership team.
  • Are willing to invest in their own self-improvement, learn new skills and be coached.
  • Are a team player willing to follow the FocusCFO® process.
  • Are exceptional listeners and communicators, able to develop long-term relationships as a trusted advisor.
  • Want the ability to manage their own schedule, balancing personal and family responsibilities.
  • Desire to be part of a 100% collaborative, team-oriented environment.
  • Desire to work for at least another 5-7 years.
  • Have a degree of financial security providing the flexibility appropriate for this nontraditional role.

How we operate:

  • CFOs are compensated based on services provided to clients.
  • We operate using a franchise model, where you sign a Franchise Agreement and pay a reasonable franchise fee to join the FocusCFO team. This helps evidence your commitment to the FocusCFO culture/operating model, and provides you access to our training, resource center, ongoing best practices sessions, and companywide resources.

Our business model allows you to take control of the next chapter in your career as you grow your own business: balance both business development and client delivery, depending on your individual skill set. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a diverse client roster – an open invitation to personal and professional development.

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