Natural Hounds

Natural Hounds Franchise

The Natural Hounds franchise is the nation’s only dog food kitchen business. The brand is known for its human-grade dog treats and food made on-site in its open kitchens. Franchise owners benefit from the booming premium pet food industry, which is projected to reach over $14.4 billion by 2028.

Natural Hounds Franchise

Own America’s Only Dog Food Kitchen Franchise

Natural Hounds is a fresh all-natural dog food kitchen! We produce human-grade dog food and treats on site in our open kitchens and sell our products fresh over the counter to our loyal customers!

Natural Hounds Franchise


  • High Growth Industry – Premium pet food is a segment that’s clearly growing. With this industry expected to be worth $14.4B by 2028, Natural Hounds offers the ability to be first to market with competitive pricing, flexible ordering, and convenience.
  • Streamlined Systems – Natural Hounds was established in 2018 and has since been developed streamlined operating systems.
  • Recurring Revenue – With a subscription based model, it is easy to keep customers coming back on a regular schedule for more. Feel peace of mind knowing that sales are coming in on a recurring basis. We also offer delivery, making it super easy to keep customers purchasing.
  • Low Staffing Requirements – Compared to other food based businesses, Natural Hounds has significantly less labor requirements. With only an operator and one helper, you are able to support multi six-figure and seven-figure sales.
  • High Rates of Customer Loyalty – When customers switch to Natural Hounds, they are highly likely to return. Dog food is a regularly purchased product, and when dog parents find a food that works for their pup, they are unlikely to switch brands.
  • Work/Life Balance – Unlike a lot of other food based businesses, Natural Hounds is only open 10am to 6pm, offering flexibility and room for everything you love to do outside of work.

Natural Hounds Franchise

Features, Benefits & Ownership Details

Your Natural Hounds store should be between 1,600 and 1,800 square feet. The location can be opened in as little as 6-9 months, depending on how quickly you find your store, sign a lease and build out your production area. You will also have to finish pre-opening and attend training to become certified at Natural Hounds University.

Owner operators and absentee owners are both allowed, which is attractive for candidates. You can also own multiple locations and receive discounts on initial franchise fees by committing up front to additional stores. Typically one to two employees are needed to operate the store per shift, and the operation is streamlined to limit staffing needs. With a subscription-based model, it’s easy to keep customers coming back for more and have peace of mind that you’ll have recurring revenue.


In terms of support and training, you can expect an initial training program that is broken down into classroom and on-the-job instruction. During that time, you’ll learn everything you need to know about running the business, including hiring, marketing and advertising, and more. You’ll be supported from start to finish.

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