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Real Hot Yoga is committed to offering the ultimate hot yoga experience by providing students with a state-of-the-art facility in a warm, welcoming, supportive environment. We offer real fitness and real results! Build a Real Hot Yoga community in your city!

real hot yoga Franchise Opportunity

real hot yoga is real fitness with real results for our clients and a real opportunity for you! Change your life by improving the lives of others… all while loving what you do and making money! Unlike many boutique fitness businesses, real hot yoga has a low start-up cost which translates into a quick return on investment. Pricing options designed to reward client loyalty create a recurring monthly revenue stream with minimal seasonal variances and high profit margins.

real hot yoga is an emerging franchise with an established brand that’s been built over the past 7 plus years in 6 cities of varying sizes and demographics. The ultimate hot yoga experience in a state-of-the-art facility with a warm, welcoming, supportive environment can translate into a city of any size. With many great territories available, real hot yoga is smart choice for anyone wanting to open a boutique fitness business.

real hot yoga franchise

Why Choose Us?

Boutique fitness is strong and not going anywhere and real hot yoga is more than just boutique fitness. Our fitness approach to yoga makes it less foreign and more accessible to more people. Everyone can do real hot yoga. Clients get on their mats to find their strength, flexibility, and balance. Over time as clients learn to stay present and grounded in their practice they also find their confidence, sense of peace, gratitude, and empowerment. All of this eventually spills off their mat and into their lives. When you receive that first email from a client thanking you for all the ways real hot yoga has changed their life, you will know you are in the right business.

At real hot yoga we build more than yoga studios, we build communities. And that might be the most valuable thing you can offer your clients. It’s an honor and a privilege to offer a space where clients feel comfortable coming to find solace in hard times and also to celebrate their joys and success.


Benefits of Franchising with real hot yoga:

  • Low start up costs
  • Unparalleled support
  • GREAT territories available
  • Business model with proven success in various sized cities
  • We see you as strategic partners, not numbers
  • Franchisor / founders will be hands on to your needs

real hot yoga franchise

Ideal Candidate

He/she cares about their own wellness, sees the value in fitness, shares our vision, and has a desire to have a positive impact on their community and change lives for the better. In addition, candidate should:

  • possess the ability to follow a proven system
  • have had a responsible background/success in their current field
  • exhibit good people skills

real hot yoga franchise


real hot yoga opened in Knoxville in August of 2012. While exploring options that could lead to a fulfilling career change for its founders, real hot yoga emerged to fill a gap in the fitness choices for Knoxville. Soon after, the founders formed various partnerships in other cities to open other studios as they’d found that a need for real hot yoga existed in most cities.

As of the end of 2019 real hot yoga has successful and profitable studios in 6 cities.

Training And Support

We provide all the training necessary from deciding where to open, through grand opening, and ongoing training to help ensure the health and success of any new studio. It includes the right to use the real hot yoga business systems and know-how through initial and ongoing training.

  • Assistance in location/site selection
  • Evaluation of local competition as it relates to pricing and membership
  • Set up of real hot yoga micro-site (website)
  • Set up and training for Mind body management software as well as other marketing software
  • Hands on training at one of our existing studios – too see and learn our customer service practices, sales process, and use above software
  • Assisting with opening day strategy, marketing, and staff training with at least one real hot yoga representative present for opening day.
  • Ongoing field visits
  • Regular review of key performance indicators, revenue, and marketing

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