The Office Squad

The OfficeSquad Franchise

We’re the comprehensive partner for running a clean back office. Picture a business with up-to-date financials, on-time bill pay, reliable call-answering, and virtual (human) admin assistance with client scheduling, answering common questions and payment collection–all at a monthly price you can afford. This is what TheOfficeSquad is all about.

The Office Squad Franchise

TheOfficeSquad offers a simple-to-operate model for entrepreneurs looking to grow a B2B business with limited staffing requirements, a quick launch-time and a concept that serves American small businesses.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or bolt-on to an existing operation, you’ll soon be serving the countless small business owners who are in the market for reliable accounting, bookkeeping and full-back-office services. Plus, with our comprehensive support system (The Wing), you’ll be working with a responsive, highly experienced squad focused on your successful launch.

The OfficeSquad Franchise


  • Longevity
  • Recurring monthly revenue with no collections
  • Our business is support!



Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deliver the best possible operational support for small business owners. Day to Day bookkeeping is the main part of any business operation and the franchise’s focus; but it’s not the only thing a small business owner needs. They also need help with the phone, all the
administrative minutia, accounting, management, and overall support.

You’ll evaluate your clients’ current processes, recommend systems and procedures that result in a well-oiled machine. This creates monthly recurring revenue for you.

The Office Squad Franchise


The Wing is our fully developed support program to ensure your successful launch. This is your 360-degree support system for everything from location research to operations and marketing to business & leadership development. The Wing is here to help you fly, and nothing less.

  • Operational Support – Ongoing training and support in unit operations, software, customer-service techniques, pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.
  • Business Development – Continued education and support building relationships to grow your business. You’ll learn how to represent yourself and your squad.
  • Leadership Development – Ongoing coaching to lead your squad, become an active partner in your community and help your clients succeed.
  • Marketing Support – We coordinate and develop always changing advertising, social media, marketing plans, strategies and materials.


  • CPA or accounting firm wanted to add more to their life than taxes. A business model that runs without them.
  • Bookkeepers and Virtual admin professionals with a desire to be bigger but don’t know how.
  • Building owners that have a great location but can’t decide what to put in it.

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