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WaterStation Technology Franchise

Be a part of the $11 billion+ U.S. bottled water market with our Alkaline Water Vending Business Opportunity.

Waterstation FranchiseThe only vending machine that turns local tap water into healthful alkaline, ionized water at a fraction of the cost of bottled alkaline water. Since our WaterStation™ machines use local water, you never have to restock them or keep an inventory of bottled water. With no franchise fee and no royalties, this business opportunity can produce a huge ROI. We offer multiple WaterStation™ package sizes to fit most budgets.

Our family of bottle-less WaterStations™ purify water to the highest standard and then percolate it through a series of natural minerals. Healthy, clean water is dispensed in any volume, from a five-ounce cup to a five-gallon jug.

We are the only water vending machine organization with the following differentiators:

  • Bottle-less for PURE, ALKALINE and DESALINIZATION services
  • Portfolio of 13 WaterStations™ for placements in over 25 vertical market business locations – more than any other water vending machine provider globally
  • Total inventory free eliminating unnecessary costs of brick and mortar, full time personnel and trucks resulting in annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars to investor
  • Business, not a Franchise, eliminating Franchise Licensing fee, Royalty and Ad costs plus territory restrictions
  • An eco-friendly GREEN business eliminating plastic bottle pollution, health hazards from the plastic bottles and expensive recycling costs
  • Only alkaline water vending machine offering four revenue streams to enhance strong ROI (1 – Alkaline water; Advertising 3 – Local, National and Billboard)
  • Perfect PASSIVE, TURNKEY business model – keep a job and/or open multiple locations
  • Multiple funding options, including one-of-a-kind Special Veterans’ Funding Program

About WaterStation Technology

Based in the Greater Seattle Area, we stand at the forefront of water purification and filtration.  We have developed groundbreaking self-serve purification systems that produce premium mineral water that is not only more affordable than most bottled water, but also much more ecologically responsible.

Our mission is to provide individuals, towns, cities and whole nations with a healthier and less expensive drinking water delivered through more responsible purification systems that do not damage the environment.

We feel privileged to be on the vanguard of a movement to purify the world’s drinking water, which itself is the essence of life.

WaterStation Technology Business Opportunity

WaterStation Technology Business Model

This is a passive investment opportunity; the business model is executed by WaterStation Management, a division of WaterStation Technology. The responsibilities in the model are included in the investment price, there are no hidden fees or additional costs.

Investment Options:

We partner with Joint Venture investors to deliver a completely passive investment opportunity. Our model, which is described below, allows investors the opportunity to partner with WaterStation Technology in supplying the purist water to consumers throughout the United States. Our investment options are:

  • 10 machine package = $120,000 – (Veterans Only)
  • 33 machine package = $280,500
  • 66 machine package = $561,000
  • 100 machine package = $850,000

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