Wings Etc.

Wings Etc. Franchise

WINGS ETC. Franchise Opportunity

Founded in 1994 by Jim Weaver in the South Bend, Indiana area, Wings Etc. is a family-friendly Grill & Pub, with a diverse menu featuring our award-winning jumbo wings, ribs, burgers, sandwiches, subs, wraps, salads, kids meals, cold beer and other drinks, and that good-old-fashioned “vibe” that makes people want to just come in and hang out.

The Wings Etc. franchise is a proven, full-service restaurant concept operating in multiple states. We’re looking for franchise operators who share our vision, values and commitment to success (and to having fun!).

The Wings Etc. Franchise Advantage…

  • Low start-up costs
  • Low break-even requirements
  • Full pre-opening training and support
  • Simple operations
  • Negotiated volume discounts
  • Ongoing operational support
  • National-quality marketing & advertising

Wings Etc. Franchise


In the past 20 years, the Bar and Grill segment has exploded onto the foodservice scene. Back when the sitcom “Cheers” was popular, a sports bar was a bar with a TV in the corner. Today, sports bars are driving growth among full-service restaurant chains, and even traditional family-style restaurant chains are trying to catch up to the sports bar momentum.

That’s where a Wings Etc. franchise gets interesting. Since 1994, Wings Etc. has carved out an extraordinary brand position in our home market. In the past few years, we’ve expanded into nearby markets and have succeeded while going “toe to toe” with the big full-service sports bar chains, offering a more relaxed, fun, slightly irreverent sports bar experience.

Our combination of simple operations, a diverse menu, daily food and drink specials, and memorable marketing provides a strong competitive advantage over independents, making Wings Etc. as a popular alternative to highly-programmed, cookie-cutter national chains.

Wings Etc. Franchise

Wings Etc. Concept & Market Advantages

Lower Startup and Break-Even
The Wings Etc. concept adapts to local market and real estate opportunities. Thriving, successful Wings Etc. locations have been cost-effectively retrofit into existing restaurant and freestanding retail space, providing operators with lower startup costs, lower break-evens, more rapid project development, and a faster track to grand opening. In footprints ranging from 3,300 to 5,000 sq. ft., the Wings Etc. concept fits virtually any market condition and any retail trade area.

Proven, Success-Driven Support at Every Step
Wings Etc. provides comprehensive support from initial contact through site selection, build-out, pre-opening, grand opening and beyond. Our development and operations teams bring years of experience from a wide range of retail and restaurant operations, which translates into fewer surprises, less stress, and a more efficient use of your time and money. Initial support includes site selection assistance, financing consultation, lease negotiating assistance, and hands-on training at a certified training site, where you’ll observe and participate in the day-to-day operation of a successful Wings Etc. Grill & Pub business. Training also includes classroom sessions, where you’ll learn and put into practice the processes outlined in our Operations Manual and supplemental documents. In a few short weeks you’ll become a seasoned veteran of the Wings Etc. concept, and you’ll be completely equipped to put a roster of managers and hourly employees in place, creating the team that can help you achieve your business objectives and financial goals.

Wings Etc Franchise

Memorable Marketing & Brand Personality
People of all ages love chicken wings and “pub grub.” The Bar & Grill segment continues to grow ahead of other full-service restaurant categories, and with that growth comes the greater need to “stand out from the competition.” Wings Etc. brand personality (humorous radio, TV and online ads, non-corporate-y, laid-back atmosphere) is a difference-maker in getting noticed and remembered. Our marketing outreach includes traditional media, digital media, social media interaction with over 80,000 fans and followers, and continual VIP email club communication with over 90,000 email list members. Marketing on a system-wide and hyper-local level provides our franchisees with the “one-two punch” they need to maintain top-of-mind awareness in their communities.

Not All Sports Bar Concepts are Created Equal
Our place within the sports bar category is simple: Lower costs, lower break-evens, faster startup, better food and drink options at a better value. Are you interested in learning more about owning a Wings Etc. franchise? Complete the contact information form below and our VP of Franchise Development will reach out to you with all the details.

WINGS ETC. Franchise

“Because we built the first Wings Etc. in Ohio, so many guests were first timers to this franchise. They LOVE the wings and everything else on the menu! Every week we hear someone express how glad they are to have us in town and that we beat out the competition every time. On top of the great food, the Wings Team has placed great importance on service, and that truly shows.”

Missy Huck

Wings Etc. Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

“What a wonderful experience it has been to be the owner of a Wings Etc. franchise. I have to say, when we started our Wings Etc. franchise venture, I was very hesitant. Neither my husband nor I had any knowledge of the restaurant business. It has been six years now and I wouldn’t change a thing. This has been a joy to me and my family. The corporation has made this a successful franchise with their help and support, and I am very thankful for all they do. I am glad to say I now have two families: my family and my Wings Etc. family.”

Darla Landon

Wings Etc. Franchise Owner

“My advice for anyone looking to enter into a sports bar franchise is to look very closely at the overall franchise system that includes training, food products, ongoing operational support and advertising. I believe if you do that, you will find that Wings Etc. has a proven, simple, yet highly effective system that provides an independent franchisee owner all the tools necessary to be successful, all at a startup cost that is one of the lowest in the industry.”

Chris Atkins

Wings Etc. Franchise Owner

“Being in business for ourselves was (and is) a scary prospect. Once we met with Wings Etc. we knew we would be much better off with them than trying to go it alone. The cost saving alone through negotiated food purchasing is worth the royalties, we believe. And knowing that they want us to succeed as much as we do makes for a fantastic business partnership. The most important thing to us is that Wings allows us to be ourselves, but still be a part of a community. We have the ability to make it our own, but there is still consistency within the system. They have created a fun, easy to execute, profitable system that makes us enjoy the work we do. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to join the Wings system!”

Joe Hobbs

Wings Etc. Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

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