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Just as we select the finest ingredients and slow-smoke our meats for hours in each of our existing BBQ restaurants, we take an inordinate amount of care selecting and training franchisees to grow our Woody’s Bar-B-Q family. We never forget our humble beginnings at our first location, and are eager to pass on our recipe to success to each new franchisee.

Woody's Bar-B-Q Franchise

The WOODY’S Bar-B-Q Franchise Story

How We Made Our Dream Yours

Like most great stories, our story began with a dream… The “Woody” in Woody’s Bar-B-Q is co-founder Woody Mills who – along with partner, Yolanda Mills-Mawman – dreamed of owning their own restaurant one day. In 1980, this passionate pair took a dog-eared collection of recipes that Woody’s mom had lovingly penned herself and opened their own restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. That original Woody’s Bar-B-Q location (which still stands today) has since grown to include a thriving network of locations throughout the Sunshine State and beyond – each with its own special family at the helm and distinctive hometown atmosphere. Ever since our debut nearly 40 years ago, Woody’s Bar-B-Q has been setting the “Bar” higher on Classic Southern Barbecue. We’re dedicated to being the best barbecue restaurant in every town where we hang our shingle – and it shows in the food we serve, the service we deliver and the relationships we build with our surrounding communities.

Why Own a WOODY’S Bar-B-Q Restaurant?


Most restaurants only have two revenue streams.  At Woody’s Bar-B-Q, we have six revenue streams. We have created a successful business model that has worked for almost 40 years!

Woody's Bar-B-Q Franchise
DINE-IN: We take pride in every item on our menu, from our slow-smoked meats and sauces to our extensive collection of comfort food sides that include specialty sandwiches, burgers and home-style dinners.

Woody's Bar-B-Q Franchise
CATERING: From tailgate parties and office gatherings to holiday celebrations and family-friendly festivals, Woody’s Bar-B-Q offers a crowd-pleasing catering menu that will have your guests’ taste buds tingling and tongues wagging for days after your event has ended.

Woody's Bar-B-Q Franchise

HOLIDAY MEALS: Experience the seasonal boom of profits as you make your customers holiday meals easy, effortless, and delicious. Woody’s Bar-B-Q Puts the “Special” in Specialties with Four of Our Fan-Favorites – Designed to Take Your Lavish Affair to the Next Level.



At Woody’s Bar-B-Q, we take the art of barbecue quite seriously. That’s why every day for nearly four decades, we’ve been seasoning our Bar-B-Q meats with specialty spices and slow-smoking them for hours on end to deliver that signature fall-off-the-bone tenderness and melt-in-your-mouth smoky flavor to every patron, every time.

We take pride in every item on our menu, from our slow-smoked meats and sauces to our extensive collection of comfort food sides. In addition to great barbecue, we’re also building quite a reputation for our delicious starters, specialty sandwiches, burgers and home-style dinners, as well as our healthier option of salads and wraps.


While we strive for perfection in every item we serve from our menu, one item is a real standout – Woody’s Signature Baby Back Ribs. Ever since our launch in 1980, we’ve been using a special recipe and unique process that make our baby backs a clear fan favorite. From the tenderloin area where the meat is more tender, top loin ribs (aka baby backs) were the inspiration for the term “eating high off the hog.” 

Achieving Success with Woody’s Bar-B-Q

The caliber of the individual who operates a local franchised Woody’s Bar-B-Q restaurant will ensure success in their local community and uphold the standards of the Woody’s Bar-B-Q brand as the first priority. At Woody’s Bar-B-Q, we believe that a successful franchisee will possess attributes and qualities that closely relate to our Mission Statement and corporate culture. Since 1989, we’ve learned that the most successful franchisees possess:

Woody's Bar-B-Q FranchiseStrong Character
• Desire to Serve Others
• Willingness to Put People First
• Dedication to Community
• Vision & Entrepreneurial Spirit
• Solid Work Ethic
• Passion for the Woody’s Brand, Our Patrons and Our Product
• Total Commitment to Following the Woody’s  Franchise System


Founded in 1980 as a family-owned-and-operated restaurant, we have a deep understanding of what a tremendous step it is to invest in and open your own restaurant. That’s why we’ve done our best to simplify the process with a proven support system to help you avoid the pitfalls you might incur working independently. While Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchisees own and operate their own business, you will never work alone. As a Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchisee, you’ll become part of a family that truly cares for, supports, and encourages one another every step along the way.

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