FLYFOE Mosquito Franchise

FLYFOE has built an operating system that allows you to continuously scale your business. Our marketing programs at the local level and our National Sales Center that handles sales calls and prospect inquiries will help jump start your mosquito business. We’ll even capture your payment before passing a new client to you for servicing.

FLYFOE Franchise Opportunity

“The FlyFoe brand was created to make an impact, stand strong against its competitors, and represent a smart, fun, get-the-job-done business.” Madeline Park, Brand Manager, FLYFOE


A Wicked Smart Franchise Model

  • Big league marketing on a local level – FlyFoe partners with major advertising agencies to develop high-end marketing collateral and help implement marketing campaigns at the local level for each franchisee.
  • A sales team at the ready – Sales calls and prospect inquiries are directed toward our National Sales Center. Our sales team is prepared to discuss your individual pricing and service details with prospects. We’ll answer questions, sign prospects up for service, and capture payment information before passing a new client to you for scheduling.
  • Technology to power your operations – We’re not using someone else’s software to power our business. We built our own web-based, proprietary business management software that includes route optimization, automated billing, customer service management and more.
  • Support toolkit to build your business – As a franchise owner you receive direct support from our Home Office staff as well as our community of franchise owners. FlyFoe is part of the Zervice Group that has successfully launched hundreds of franchise locations across the United States and Canada.
  • Team of Experts – Your business will be backed by a team of experts who have spent their lives researching mosquitoes and ticks. These experts will help guide your business from the pesticides to the treatment plans.

FLYFOE Franchise

We’ve Ditched the Dumb Rules

FlyFoe Flea & Tick FranchiseAs a franchisee, it’s important for you to be able to make your own choices and be competitive in your local market. While we have our set model, we know where our systems should begin, end, and when we should allow our franchisees the freedom to make their own decisions. Here are some examples.

  2. 90-DAY OUT CLAUSE – At FlyFoe, we have a 90 day out clause. If, for whatever reason, you no longer want to be in business, we won’t spend the remaining 10 years collecting minimum royalty payments from you.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Your Own FLYFOE Franchise?

3 Models to Choose From

  1. Select – Total Minimum Investment – $72,940
  2. Enterprise – Total Minimum Investment – $89,940
  3. Multi-Unit – Total Minimum Investment – $139,490

Work Smart 

Here’s why owning a FlyFoe is a great business to own

  • Demand, Demand, Demand = Recurring Revenue
  • No Retail Inventory or Perishables
  • Low Competitive Risk
  • Barriers of Entry

Does it look like a good fit?

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