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Joshua Tree Experts Franchise

Since our founding in 2005, our company’s strategic marketing, exceptional service, and innovative approach has helped us to grow a $7 million business. By leveraging the established brand reputation and support provided by Joshua Tree Service, franchisees can confidently build a successful business with long-term sustainability and growth.

Joshua Tree Experts Franchise Overview

The Joshua Tree Three

Unlike other tree removal franchise opportunities, Joshua Tree Experts helps homeowners enjoy every inch of their land. Our franchise locations offer a comprehensive range of home services, including tree care, lawn care, and pest control. By treating the whole exterior, Joshua Tree Experts’ customers have a one-stop shop for exterior home services – and you have recurring sources of revenue.

Joshua Tree Service Franchise

Scalable Tree Service Franchise Opportunity

Joshua Tree Experts is a scalable franchise that lets franchise owners meet their customers’ needs while meeting their financial goals. We know that franchising is a big decision, and we pay back the trust you’ve placed in our brand by helping you hit the ground running. Our franchising teams gives you the tools, resources, and equipment you need to build a thriving business.


  • Proven and Refined systems/processes for operations, training, sales, and more
  • Proof of Recurring Revenue Streams through multiple customer services
  • Excellent Gross Profit Margins across tree pruning and removal, plant health care, and other divisions
  • An Established and Healthy Network of vendors, resources, franchisees, and discount programs
  • Excellent Client Retention Rates

Joshua Tree Service Franchise


When founder and CEO Joshua Malik first started Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based home services franchise that provides tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control services, he bootstrapped, just as many other entrepreneurs would have. His diligence and attention to best-in-class customer service drove the corporate business past $7m in 2023 – thus creating a top tier franchise opportunity.

Joshua Tree Experts build two business models – one for high net worth individuals and one for the new great franchisee.

Investment Option 1: Lower Cost Opportunity

“The way that we keep costs on the lower end is by offering a lease option and steering them towards funding agencies where they can have a low down payment and stretch out the term over anywhere from six to 10 years, depending on what the loan fund is,” Malik said.

Investment Option 2: Business Opportunity for High Net Worth Individuals

“We have three services in one — tree care, lawn care, and pest control,” said Malik. “When we originally rolled out our new services, 70% to 80% of our established customers signed on for the add-ons. Best of all, 60% of our revenue is brought in through recurring revenue streams. We have a huge database of previous clients, and we’ll call, upsell and cross-sell, which really helps generate additional streams of revenue.”

Joshua Tree Experts Franchise

Why Joshua Tree Experts Is a Great Fit for High Net Worth Individuals

For high net worth entrepreneurs looking for their next endeavor, Joshua Tree Experts is a great opportunity.

“It’s a scalable business,” said Malik. “There’s a lot of tax advantages with the equipment and the vehicles that we’re purchasing. There’s a lot of advantages in getting real estate. And you’re offering three different services, so you can really penetrate the market in many different ways.”

Because franchisees are able to market one service to clients and then cross sell them on others, there is a unique value to the business. “You’re always going to have a large asset in the business which is going to be your equipment, your vehicles, your tools or machinery,” said Malik. “When you start doing the secondary services of lawn care and pest control, you’re going to have a large inventory of job materials. You’re gonna build those vendor relationships and you’re going to have a lot of assets.”


When it comes to franchisee support, technology also plays a role in Joshua Tree Experts’ onboarding, training and ongoing development process. “We’re investing in a learning management software, Whale, which will be a game-changer for our corporate training platform and will be available to all our franchisees,” said Malik. This investment reflects the company’s dedication to fostering growth and excellence across its network.

Overall, Joshua Tree Experts’ tech-forward approach underlines the company’s commitment to supporting its franchisees at every turn, ensuring they have the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the competitive home-service market.

The Joshua Tree Story

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