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Everest Ice and Water Franchise

Why Ice Vending?

Ice & Water Vending is a 20 year old industry, and there are thousands of Ice & Water Vending machine owners running successful businesses in every corner of the United States and many countries around the world. This is not a new business. You are not a guinea pig being used to determine if a business opportunity is a viable one. This is a tried and true business model already being used by thousands of people to create passive income to travel more, to prepare for retirement or just to spend more time with family.  

Ice vending is a unique business model that allows you to own your own business, make passive income with little to no training, doesn’t require keeping stock or inventory,  requires no technical expertise, has a relatively low capital investment and has a very high return on investment. Ice Vending does not require employees and can be run in your spare time. It is a business that is easy to scale rapidly and is part of a 20 year old,  $835 Million dollar industry. Ice Vending is growing rapidly, by approximately 35% annually.

 If you’re looking to make passive income, even making money while you sleep, Ice Vending is a perfect fit!

Everest Ice and Water Franchise

Why Everest?

We have been manufacturing Ice & Water Vending machines since 2008. All of our machines are 100% MADE IN THE USA. We have helped literally hundreds of people start their own business and start down the path to financial freedom. We have equipment and market specialists that are waiting to answer all your questions and help you to get started today. Why wait? We’re ready to help you now.

Getting Started: Low Capital Investment Requirements

Most, if not all business opportunities list a required “Liquid Capital” requirement, but to actually get started and get your business running, the total investment is much, MUCH higher. Ice & Water Vending machines are a business in a box. Once you purchase a machine, that’s it! There’s no additional costs. No franchise fees. No licensing fees. No profit sharing. No requirement to purchase anything additional.

You can start your new Ice Vending business with a low initial capital investment! There’s not many businesses you can start with as little cash out of pocket. This low initial investment allows for a rapid return on your investment. Click here to speak with one of our equipment specialists to find out more.

Getting Started: Low Space Requirements

An Everest Ice & Water Vending Machine has the smallest footprint in Ice Vending at just 20 square feet. Unlike our competitors’ huge machines that are difficult to place, hard to move and expensive to install, the Everest VX Series machines can be set up and selling ice the same day. Our machine is eight feet tall so it’s certainly big enough to draw attention and customers, but our compact, 20 square foot footprint makes your Everest machine fit just about anywhere! At a storefront. In a parking lot. Under an overhang. Anywhere!

Getting started: Ease of installation

Every Everest machine is designed to be installed without any special training. Our machines only require three simple connections, power, water and a simple drain. These connections can be made in minutes from the time the machine is delivered to your location making the machine install easy and quick. You can have your business up and operating the same day the machine is delivered.

Getting Started: No employees

In what other business can you operate a single or even multiple locations but require no employees? You can operate many Everest Ice & Water Vending machines in your spare time! Start your ice vending empire today!

Getting Started: Minimal Time Required

With our simple, one moving part design, the time requirements are minimal. Unlike our competitors, our patented VersaVend dispensing system requires zero maintenance. Our competitors’ machines are so complicated you’ll need special training and a LOT of your time just to keep them running. You probably aren’t looking to buy another full time job! Everest has you covered.

Getting Started: No Inventory Requirements

All other vending businesses require you to buy, stock, and carry bulky and expensive inventory. The Everest Ice & Water Vending machine makes its own inventory using water and electricity. No product to stock. No inventory to worry about. Everest makes it simple!

Profit Potential: High Profit Margins

The Everest VX Series machines are the most energy efficient on the market. They only require a 30AMP Electrical service. Our next nearest competitor is 60AMP and they go up to 200! Because our machines are so efficient, they make 10 pounds of ice for around $0.07. You can sell that product for $2.00-$3.00. That’s up to 98% gross margin! Over 4,000% mark-up! That’s a high profit margin!

Profit Potential: Quick Return on Cash

A poor performing Ice & Water Vending location can produce a return on your investment in as little as 2-3 years! A typical location in 1 to 2. Home run locations even less! Ice & Water Vending is a profitable business that can be run in your spare time.

Profit Potential: High Ability to Scale

One machine, two machines, three machines more! Everest Ice & Water Vending machines are easy to place, easy to install and easy to operate. We offer Remote Machine Management which allows you to log into our portal to track sales, check on your machine, receive machine status updates or even vend a bag of ice to a waiting customer while they stand in front of the machine, from anywhere in the world! Owning multiple machines is a breeze!

Everest Ice and Water Vending Opportunity


Everest VX models are the only machines in the industry to have ONE moving part. ONE. Since there is only ONE moving part, there is a LOT less to fail.

Everest Ice and Water Vending Machines are different. They are the best machines for your new business because they were designed to KEEP YOUR MACHINE RUNNING. With only ONE moving part, a strong and secure exterior, and a simple dispensing system , the Everest Ice and Water Vending Machines virtually eliminate downtime and keep your profits running 24/7.

VersaVend, Everest’s patented, one-moving part dispensing system

Everest patented this system, VersaVend, in 2008. It is an ice storage and dispensing system that is exclusive to Everest Ice and Water Systems.

Most ice vending machines break down because of ice jams due to the multiple moving parts that they use to move ice within the machine. The Everest VX Models have dispensed over 2 million vends WITHOUT A SINGLE JAM and counting, because it has only one moving part. This simple, revolutionary, patented system is exclusive to Everest. Everest VX models are the only machines in the industry to have ONE moving part. ONE. Since there is only ONE moving part, there is a LOT less to fail.

Everest. Ice Vending that’s simple. Easy. Revolutionary.

You don’t pay extra for what you need

All other Ice Vending machine manufacturers charge you extra for every feature. Every Everest VX Series machine comes with everything you need to be successful. Credit card acceptance? Standard. LED Lighting? Standard. 5-Stage Water Filtration? Standard. Water Vending? Standard. Bulk AND bagged ice vending? It’s ALL standard. On EVERY Everest machine.

Don’t be forced to pay extra for what you need to be successful.

NO Franchise, licensing or maintenance fees

Everest doesn’t believe in charging you unnecessary fees. We engineered our machine with one moving part making mandatory maintenance fees pointless. We don’t charge you any of the other fees either. We’re not a franchise. We’re not a licensing agreement. We don’t share in your profits or expect payment of any kind from you or your business. We’re a manufacturer. We’re here to support you and help you be successful. At Everest, we believe you should receive service and support without having to pay.

Give your customers what they want

Bulk ice vending, or vending the ice directly into the customers cooler or ice chest, is what makes Ice Vending popular. It’s what your customers want. It’s what makes your machine and product stand apart from every convenience and grocery store. The Everest VX Series Ice and Water Vending Machines give your customers the choice between BOTH bulk AND bagged ice. They get what they want with no complicated, expensive, service intensive ice bagger to get in your way.

It’s an easy choice

Everest machines are made with revolutionary, one moving part dispensing systems making your ownership experience easy and your time investment minimal. We offer cutting edge technology that improves your ownership experience, makes the product you sell safer, and saves you money. From optional proprietary ozone injection, energy recycling and our patented simple dispensing systems, Everest’s technology is light years ahead of everyone else. Don’t buy another manufacturer’s machines that are obsolete the day you buy it.


Everest Ice and Water Vending Opportunity

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