Abbott’s Frozen Custard

Abbott's Frozen Custard Franchise

Why should you own an Abbott’s Frozen Yogurt franchise? Let’s start with our 100 plus year history of success that is supported by our lean operating procedures, detailed training program, great employees, passionate franchisees, loyal customers and our experienced management team. The Abbott’s Frozen Custard experience is nothing but the very best.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise Opportunity

Join the $8 billion U.S. frozen dessert industry by leveraging the guidance, structure and support of the Abbott’s system and let us help you achieve your goals. Our 100 plus year history of success is built on our secret family recipe invented by Arthur Abbott in 1902. Made from the most wholesome and natural ingredients delivered fresh from our dairy farms and churned in our proprietary frozen custard machine every single day in each of our stands.  Today, Abbott’s has grown from one stand at Charlotte Beach, New York, to multiple locations in multiple States. While we still maintain our headquarters in Rochester, New York, our focus is on the continued expansion of our brand to new markets across the United States.

This growth is supported by our lean operating procedures, detailed training program, great employees, passionate franchisees, loyal customers and an experienced management team focused on ensuring every customer’s Abbott’s Experience is nothing but the very best.  This winning formula is constantly being tested and proven successful when shared with our customers, employees and franchisees.

ABbott's Frozen Custard Franchise

Our Frozen Custard

Abbott's Frozen Custard Franchise“Made fresh, just for you” is not a marketing tag line, it’s a promise. Our secret family recipe has stood the test of time. Starting with wholesome ingredients straight from our dairy farmers in upstate New York who are as passionate about their cows as we are about our custard. Our cows are fed the highest quality food and enjoy a standard of care that is a model for the industry.  As our farmers like to say, “Happy cows produce the best milk”.  With sustainable farming practices and clean living, our dairy farms provide us with the best ingredients for our frozen custard.

Our Design & Our Locations

Abbott's Frozen Custard FranchiseOur locations are called “stands” as a tribute to Arthur Abbott’s first store which only had windows to order at without any indoor seating. Nowadays, most stands have interior seating, and exhibit a refreshed look of the clean, and classic original ice cream parlor. This style pays homage to our roots while also catering to multiple generations of guests.

Our stands are uniquely designed to attract customers by appealing to their senses of smell, sight, sound and finally taste.  Before stepping through our front door, customers can smell our freshly baked waffle cones as they are strategically baked close to the front of our stand, allowing their delicious smell to meander outside. The interior glow of an Abbott’s is one of warmth and comfort, inviting guests to step inside with specific lighting to accentuate our brand identities and create an atmosphere where they can enjoy their Abbott’s frozen custard. And finally, the minute they walk in the door, they are greeted by a smiling face and personable employee welcoming them to Abbott’s and offering a taste of any of our daily flavors.

Onboarding, Training and Support

  • The Abbott’s onboarding process allows new owners to accelerate the time it takes to open a business and focus their energies on the priorities by following our road map to success.
  • The benefits of following the Abbott’s roadmap pay huge dividends in each phase of the process including, site selection, design work, permitting, branding, menu configuration, and training just to name a few.
  • Our onboarding team will have you set up on our systems and enrolled in our training program immediately following the signing of a franchise agreement. This seamless transition from candidate to new owner is the first step in the process to achieving your goals.
Abbott's Frozen Yogurt Franchise Owners Talk About Their Ownership Experience

I love running the custard, making sure it is just perfect and getting the store ready for the day. For me, it’s all about the taste and the look a customer gives me when they take their first bite. While I appreciate Scott’s enthusiasm for running the custard, being a mom, I love the flexibility this business provides me. I know I can pick up my daughter from school, or drop her off at her friend’s house. To me that is invaluable.

Scott & Kaity Bagley

Multi-Unit Abbott's Owners (New York)

My husband and I grew up enjoying Abbott’s in Rochester, NY. When we moved to Massachusetts, we quickly realized there were a number of ice cream places but nothing, not even the local farms had anything like Abbott’s Frozen Custard. I had always wanted to open a business of my own after being in the consumer retail industry for 10 years so when we heard Abbott’s was franchising we immediately jumped at the opportunity to bring this 100 year old brand to the Massachusetts market.

MaryPat Dauria

Multi-Unit Abbott's Owner (Massachusetts)

Abbott’s has always done three things exceptionally well. They support their franchisees like we are family. There is an incredible amount of time and effort that goes into supporting each store. I know that if I tried to run Cathy’s frozen custard I would fall flat on my face. They are also committed and focused on doing what we do best and sticking to it. When the latest trend was to mix toppings into ice cream on a cold slab, we did not chase it and when frozen yogurt came back from the dead, we did not chase that fad either. Abbott’s HQ has always kept their eye on the ball. Finally, the people we have supporting us are amazing. The team is so helpful, friendly and truly wants us to succeed that it really is a pleasure working with them.

Cathy P.

Second generation owner of an Abbott's (Webster, NY)

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