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Become Part of the Proven Weight Loss Program With INFINITE Possibilities 

Science-Based – Community-Focused – Profit Driven

Infinite30 FactsThe weight loss industry in the United States generates over $70 billion annually and is growing at a steady pace. Approximately 45 million Americans go on a diet each year.

The INFINITE30 program is specifically designed to help our members achieve wellness and permanent weight loss.

Our innovative 3-stage process and emphasis on community provide our licensees with long-ranging, meaningful, revenue-creating relationships with those they serve.

Infinite30 Business Opportunity


Our founding executives have lengthy, successful careers in holistic wellness professions and are passionate about improving the health and quality of life of the members they serve.

They’ve excelled in implementing effective weight loss systems and in operating extremely profitable facilities. And the momentum continues  . . .  In our first 6 months of operation, we opened INFINITE30 license locations in 8 states.

Our organization’s expertise, experience, enthusiasm and commitment to your success will pave the way for your life-changing business opportunity in a vibrant, growing industry. And you will make a substantial difference in the lives of the people you serve.

Infinite30 Weight Loss Center


Low Cost of Entry — Low Operating Costs — Rapid ROI — Outstanding Profit Margins

The operating philosophy of the INFINITE30 organization is in complete alignment with the profitability of our licensees. We’ve developed our program and our processes to ensure your immediate success. Licensees who follow the system effectively, are at break-even operationally within 6-to-9 months and have recouped their entire initial investment within 12-to-24 months.  Our high performing locations achieve these milestones even faster.

Corporate-Owned Store Metrics

We’re eager to help you mirror and ultimately surpass our success.  As a new licensing opportunity, the performance of our corporate-owned locations provides the best indicator of your path to profitability.

  • Year #1 Revenue — $500,000
  • Year #1 Profit — $95,000
  • Year #3 Revenue — $1,200,000
  • Customary Profit Margin — 35% at minimum

We will be happy to share detailed numbers for our corporate-owned locations and discuss earnings potential at length with all qualified licensing candidates.


At INFINITE30, we know that the success of our licensees leads directly to our ongoing success. So our operational plan has 3 key components.

  1. We offer a very manageable cost of entry.
  2. Our program gets you in the black quickly.
  3. Our structure and six revenue streams generate increased accounts receivables each month.

License Fee — $40,000

Initial Investment — $85,000 – $125,000

Recommended Year #1 Financial Outlay — $220,000 – $360,000

Infinite30 Weight Loss Franchise


  • 45 hour advance training program to ensure your success. Training for additional employees provided at no additional cost**
  • Licensing model makes business entry more affordable and flexible
  • Proven, science-based, road-tested program leads to successful results for members
  • Low start-up cost – low overhead – rapid path to profitability – high profit margins
  • Specific market launch programs and pricing generate revenue right from the start
  • Multiple revenue streams encourage ongoing member engagement and create increasing accounts receivables each month
  • 60,000 population radius territories ensure profitability for licensees and ease of access for members
  • Active assistance in site location and facility layout decision-making
  • Market-customized professional collateral materials
  • Localized marketing plans and content — including website, social media, marketing campaigns, advertising campaign management, event marketing concepts, grand opening programs & general consultation
  • Weekly access to our corporate team to address questions, resolve challenges, etc.


Infinite30 Weight LossHere are the essentials of every effective weight loss program 

  • Healthy Food
  • Effective Supplements
  • Lots of Water!

Here is what we add at INFINITE30 

  • Dedicated, well-trained licensees, coaches and support staff
  • A proprietary 3-stage process to generate permanent wellness and ongoing participation
  • An initial rapid weight loss stage that gets results and encourages continued engagement. 17-to-27 pounds lost on average in month #1*
  • A program based on real grocery store food, not a shake a day or pre-packaged foods
  • Daily contact with coaches
  • Weekly motivational activities
  • Ongoing accountability & support
  • Personalized, permanent eating plans for each member
  • An active, engaged community
  • Ongoing revenue-generating opportunities for our licensees through sale of supplements and products


In our current environment, wellness and a healthy lifestyle are taking on even greater importance.  You can be well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity by joining the INFINITE30 family.

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