Robocore Recruitment

Robocore Recruitment Franchise

We operate a unique business, unlike any other in the recruitment industry. Our founders are a blend of experts in both the recruitment industry and the robotics innovation sector. This has enabled us to create a unique digital platform that makes the recruitment process so much easier.

Robocore Recruitment Franchise

The global recruitment industry is worth a staggering $500 billion US Dollars for permanent placements. The temporary and contract worker industry is worth maybe more and is expected to be worth @ $670 billion by 2025. You can operate your franchise in both sectors.

In order to succeed in this competitive environment, entrepreneurs need access to the latest technology and the support of both experienced technical and commercial professionals.

A Robocore franchise provides both the technical and commercial expertise needed to be successful.  Robocore’s proprietary products give users a competitive edge in identifying prospects with needs and candidates with the necessary skills.  The Robocore concept of “Business in a Box” provides a suite of best of breed services to ensure that franchisees have the very best of capabilities to be successful.

Robocore Recruitment Franchise

How is Robocore Different?

The key differentiator is our technology, we have not only created our own unique tools but we have also created a methodology that blends other great tools too. This has helped to create a unique digital platform.

Let’s list the key aspects to this:

  • You can work from any location worldwide – Home or office.
  • You can work any hours that you choose.
  • You can build a team and employ staff if you wish or work alone, you decide. We would train all hired staff as part of your contract.
  • You will receive full and thorough training and ongoing support, as would all of your team members.
  • You will have full back office support and administration.
  • The use of simplified unique industry tech tools, available to all your staff.
  • Fantastic income potential as part of a $500 Billion worldwide industry.
  • No ongoing service fee to pay. No monthly franchise fee.

Perhaps the most important thing that you can expect is our ongoing support and commitment. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: We are not your boss, your employer or your supplier – we are your partner, you are our partner. We share the same and only income stream(s). We therefore have a vested interest in your success and profitability.

Robocore Franchise

Earning Potential

Robocore Recruitment FranchiseThe staffing industry is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the world and continues to grow year on year. The business is managed by developing long-standing business relationships with key customers who pay you commission to find their talent.

Annual earnings for recruiters match and often surpass manager level incomes, for example: Experienced recruiter incomes can be higher than senior executives.

The key to success in recruitment is mastering all the steps in the recruitment process with a clear vision and determination to reach your goals, and very importantly, to have a solid team supporting you. We have a training program that is geared towards helping franchisees earn between $60,000 and $200,000 annually This is not guaranteed but all of the training, the online tools and the marketing support is there to help anyone achieve this kind of salary.

Who are we looking for ?

  • Sales or business development professionals
  • Strong work ethic and ambitious
  • Goal orientated and financially motivated
  • Professional code of conduct
  • Team player but focused on building your own business
  • If you’re able to handle rejection and bullet proof to the word NO, you’ll be a huge success

In Summary

Our roadmap is to scale the Recruitment Franchise Division Globally in different industries with emphasis on emerging technologies that are shaping the future.

And also continue enhancing our technology in RecruiterTech to make it much easier for you to become a more effective and successful Entrepreneur.

Our fundamental values are in the development of people and communities. We are very interested in “give back” projects that support underdeveloped communities with technology to improve their business infrastructure and skill sets.

Our licenses are limited in number by our roadmap, we value your success and with this limited license program we ensure we are in a position to provide maximum support to our franchisees.

Since starting with Robocore in late August 2022 I have been able to add a number of clients within the Construction industry in the UK. Finding suitable candidates has been tough but having the software to search specific skills, locations and industry enables me to narrow down the search significantly. When I have a question I can’t answer, the support from Robocore has been great. Continually looking to improve the technology so that we can pinpoint the best candidates for each role. I have been able to successfully place and see that candidate start their new role much quicker than I had anticipated down to the technology and support Robocore offers.

Paul Hitchcott

Robocore Franchise Owner, UK

“Fantastic support from a knowledgeable, reputable and conscientious leadership team. They have business systems fully in place that make recruitment easier for the first time recruiter to learn the business”

Craig Cornick

Robocore Franchise Owner in the Hospitality sector, UAE

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