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Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise

As the only home care provider that for 20 years has focused on hiring seniors to care for other seniors, we offer a one of a kind franchise opportunity to do good and make money®. Seniors Helping Seniors has a very unique staffing model of nearly one caregiver to 1 client. As a result, we enjoy 4x industry average retention rate which virtually solves the caregiver turnover challenge.

Who We Are

Seniors Helping Seniors provides compassionate, in-home care services to seniors around the country. Our caregivers — who are seniors themselves — strive to brighten our clients’ lives, empowering them to experience their best years with a sense of independence and comfort. Whether lending a hand with day-to-day tasks or simply providing companionship, Seniors Helping Seniors continues to thrive as a leader in assisting our nation’s senior population.

Seniors Helping Seniors…The Basics

  • Manager Run or Full Time
  • Franchise Units: 150+ territories
  • Impressive Item 19: Average $863,426
  • Multi-Units Available
  • Major Market Territory Availability

Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise

What We Do

Our Caregivers, who are seniors themselves, make the lives of Seniors in Need easier by providing compassionate care in the comfort of their own home. Our new expanded services through our 360® Program include…

  • NON-MEDICAL: The services begin with non-medical daily living activities for folks who need a little support like companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, or shopping.
  • PERSONAL CARE: For folks who need a little more support, we offer services like dressing, feeding, maybe bathing, or showering. Very often, folks who have just had a recent hospital stay utilize these services. In combination with the daily living support, we can help folks get back on their feet.
  • SPECIALTY: For folks who need more comprehensive support – and this is a game-changer – through our 360 program – we now have expanded into specialty services that offer greater assistance. Our specialty-trained caregivers can offer things like Alzheimers and dementia care and 24/7 care. We even have a Tele-Care Check-in service, which has become very popular during the COVID crisis.

As you can see with our newly expanded services offering, there isn’t much that we can’t provide to our seniors! But why does this matter? What makes this so important for Seniors Helping Seniors.

Empowering Seniors:  Our senior care services empower seniors to continue to live independent lives by taking care of the day-to-day tasks that become more challenging as you age.

Matching Builds Relationships:

  • We “Match” seniors in need with senior caregivers by personality and shared interest to ensure long term relationships. Through this relationship, seniors in need live more full independent lives, and in turn, their caregivers are enriched and fulfilled with their sense of purpose. This relationship also affords family members an immeasurable peace of mind.
  • This also means our caretakers are here for the long term. Clients and their families don’t need to worry about a stranger or revolving door of caregivers.

Solving the Industry’s Biggest Challenge

  • Our unique staffing model of nearly one caregiver to 1 client, combined with our thoughtful approach to ‘matching’ ensure client and caretaker retention
  • We enjoy 4X Industry average retention rate solving the biggest challenge in the in-home healthcare industry.

Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise

Why Seniors Helping Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors continues to expand its business model and service lines, delivering exceptional results and growth for franchise partners. Our list of offerings covers a wide range of senior needs, assuring we play an essential role in every facet of our clients’ lives. This equates to multiple revenue streams, built to provide non-medical, personal care and specialty services to a fast-growing senior population.

Industry Growth: $300 billion industry, with a rapidly-growing market segment that prefers home-based care.

Recession Resistant: With 10,000 Americans turning 65 everyday, we’ve spent the last 20-plus years perfecting our systems and approach to providing them with the care they deserve as they age. Our model is essential!

Extensive Training: Decades-proven insights and systems molded by our care culture leaders, and shared with you on day one of the process.

Marketing Support: A full marketing team, constantly testing brand growth strategies and guiding you on best ways to promote at the local level.

Competitive Advantage: A founding mission steered by the teachings of Mother Teresa and reinforced by more than two decades of in-home service to seniors around the country.

Raving Customer Base: The relationship between our caregivers and recipients goes beyond a service transaction — they quickly become lifelong friendships.

Positive Impact: Our model is designed to allow franchisees to while doing good for others. It’s a unique opportunity to prosper through providing compassion and independence.

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Passionate about helping others
  • Driven to be self sufficient
  • Strong at building relationships
  • Experienced in business and operations
  • Eager to connect with community
  • Identify as empathetic and nurturing
  • Ready to put leadership skills to work

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