Society Wine Bar

Society Wine Bar Franchise

Society Wine Bar is a low-cost wine bar franchise investment with four distinct revenue streams. We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who love wine and want to bring a unique wine bar experience to their communities.

Society Wine Bar Franchise

Turn your passion for wine into the opportunity of a lifetime.

Most wine bars are restaurants with a limited wine list of 20 to 30 wines — some red, some white and some sparkling. These run-of-the-mill selections quickly get old. Consumers are also often limited in their knowledge about wine, many times lacking the education to make choices or finding the wine selection process to be intimidating. Society Wine Bar offers a unique 200 wines by the glass, one of the most extensive wine menus in the country, and a level of expertise from certified staff that is unmatched.

Society Wine Bar Franchise

As a Wine Bar franchise owner, you will offer:

  • 200+ wines by the glass
  • 100+ unique craft beers
  • Quarterly wine festivals
  • Retail Wine and Beer Sales
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Customized wine flights
  • Sake list & tastings (optional)
  • Small plates & gourmet desserts
  • Weekly Wine Society educational events
  • Wine events with featured winemakers
  • Wine club
  • Beer tasting events

Millennials drank 42% of all wine in the U.S. in 2015. They drank 159.6 million cases of wine in 2015. An average of two cases per person!

Society Wine Bar Franchise

Our low-cost business model has four revenue streams

If you are passionate about wine and want to own a low-investment wine bar with high revenue potential, a Society Wine Bar franchise is ideal for a variety of markets.

Society Wine Bar is more than a traditional wine bar and offers four revenue streams:

  • Wine Bar – Society Wine Bar has one of the largest wine lists in the country and a menu of small plates that pair well with both wine and beer. Our staff strives to provide an excellent and elegant experience. Your wine bar franchise will become a popular destination for wine lovers, couples on date nights, friends celebrating special occasions, colleagues on business outings and travelers from near and far.
  • Boutique Wine Shop – Our onsite boutique wine shop offers more than 200 hand-picked, reasonably priced, boutique wines. We also provide more than 100 exciting and unique craft beers along with other wine specialty items for sale.
  • Wine Society – Our weekly wine classes offer a fun wine experience and educational opportunities. Guests love expanding their wine knowledge by taking a tasting trip around the world through each region’s wine varietals.
  • Monthly Wine Club – Society Wine Bar offers subscription-based monthly wine club memberships that range from $40 to $100 and generate automatic and recurring revenue. Serious wine lovers can purchase memberships that provide 2 to 4 bottles of hand-picked wine selections each month.

As the go-to spot for finding the perfect bottle of wine for gifting or the ideal bottles of wine to stock a dream wine cellar, our experienced staff guides guests through the entire selection process.

Ready to launch a Society Wine Bar franchise?

The investment for a Society Wine Bar franchise ranges from $151,100 to $328,200. With a franchise fee of just $45,000, Society Wine Bar is far more affordable than other concepts in the food industry. It also has a simple and proven business model. We offer a flexible footprint and four revenue streams to help those passionate about wine realize their potential as an entrepreneur while bringing the culture of wine to their community. Preferred square footage for your Society Wine Bar is 1,000 to 1,200 feet.

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