System4 Facility Services Management

System4 is a facility service management organization. Individuals responsible for facility services select us to handle all their facility service needs ranging from inside services (commercial cleaning services, hard floor care, window cleaning, etc.) to outside services (commercial landscaping, parking lot services, lighting maintenance, etc.) and virtually any other facility service need.

System4 has a nationwide presence with operations in 27 markets. Collectively we service 7,500 customers through our network of service providers. System4 operates as a sales and logistics partner. For service customers we source qualified and vetted service providers, clearly define the customer requirements and make sure those expectations are met or exceeded. For service providers we augment their sales function by finding and clearly defining customer requirements. System4 is the value add that streamlines the customer’s involvement in facility management and helps the local service provider by reducing their sales cost.

Franchise / Business Offerings

There are three ways to start or expand your facility service management business.

Master Franchise: Own the rights to a market or markets
Master Franchise Owners manage and operate a facility service management business in major markets across the country. Facility services of some type are utilized by virtually every business you see. These include inside services such as commercial cleaning, carpet care, floor care, pest control, etc. and outside services such as landscaping, window washing, pressure washing, etc. Master Franchises can only be offered and or purchased after you have reviewed a Franchise Disclosure Document as required by the Federal Trade Commission.

Local Franchise: Starting a local or regional facility service company
Local Franchise Owners operate a commercial cleaning business that may also provide additional facility services. Local Franchise Owners may already have their own customers and desire to increase their business through our local franchise. Or, an entrepreneur may desire to start a System4 franchise. The beauty of the System4 franchise is that you can choose to either service System4 customers or service your own customers. Local franchise packages vary by market. Only available in certain markets. Franchises can only be offered and or purchased after you have reviewed a Franchise Disclosure Document as required by the Federal Trade Commission.

Local Affiliate: An existing facility service company
Local Affiliate is an existing independent facility service business that desires to increase their customers base with additional customers from System4. By virtue of System4’s large customer base, our customers have needs for many different types of facility services. Become one of our Qualified Service Providers!


System4 Master Franchisees receive extensive training and support. We help you select your site location and facility. This establishes the timetable for training and hiring. The first week at corporate headquarters is a comprehensive overview of the entire business model along with all the resources and how to utilize them. You then return to your market to continue opening your market. Next, we assist you in the hiring of your personnel and we come to your location to train your “just hired” personnel. We follow this up with additional training trips to your market and make sales calls with you and your staff to initiate immediate sales opportunities. We continue to support you and your people with our software products, webinars and a person dedicated to your start-up, sales, operational and administrative success.

SMARTS, is our proprietary web-based suite of software solutions supports your operating business. SMARTS is a platform that facilitates training and provides you real-time access to all your key metrics. This greatly facilitates ongoing training and coaching.

The System4 Advantage

System4 eliminates your sales cost and is a valuable resource. System4 creates a customized service requirements spec so you get an accurate summary of the customer requirements. See other benefits below:

  • Personal web portal that displays your current customer information, your business capabilities profile, the ability to view and access new business.
  • Customers at No Cost – System4 is constantly in the marketplace prospecting through our network of customers and prospecting for new customers. Let us supplement your business without you needing the higher overhead of a salesperson and the time and expense of managing this function.
  • Customer feedback is provided to you on a real-time basis via text message or email. Unlike other companies we partner with you for your success.
  • System4 summarizes all your monthly activity including recurring services, new account starts and all special services.
  • Chemical, equipment and supply savings – System4 has working relationships with top manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, chemicals and supplies. These relationships allow us to pass on volume buying power to our service providers
  • How does System4 do all this? Systems and Execution! System4 is a sales and service logistics management company that has professional account managers who coordinate customer requirements with service provider capabilities and performance. Through efficiency, we save customers time and money and we provide new business that matches the service providers’ capabilities.

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